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The power of storytelling - and why you should care

Storytelling is without a doubt the most powerful tool in advertising. It taps into the human part of us all, since stories are one of the most fundamental and oldest ways of communicating and making a lasting impression. That lasting impression is exactly why you should use storytelling in your marketing strategy.

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Simplifying the (really) complicated

Explaining complicated things is not always an easy task, especially when talking microscopic biological processes. Learn how the Technical University of Denmark now use mixed reality to pave the learning curve. 

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Bringing experiences to the US

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Standing out creates great results

Leading diamond distributor Rosy Blue called upon creative content experts Seenspire to produce a stunning 3D animation for the annual BaselWorld Watch & Jewellery fair in Switzerland.

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How to attract the attention of your customers

 We live in a world that is changing faster and faster with brands and retailers competing for consumers’ attention in ever more skilful ways.

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A matter of magic and stories

When it comes to advertising Clas Dyrholm, CEO of Danish company Realfiction, knows that it’s all about the stories you tell. Realfiction specializes in telling your brand story with stunning visual effects transfixing audiences everywhere and making them ooh and aah at both product and technology. 

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5 Event Marketing Tips for Success

 Need your next event to be unforgettable? Here are some of our key pointers to ensure you leave an impression that lasts. 

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3 Reasons Why Traditional In-Store Marketing is a Minefield

If you’re not careful, your in-store marketing could turn into a living nightmare

Picture yourself in this situation: It’s the big day, your new product is shelved up and ready to go and there’s a palpable sense of anticipation throughout the store.

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How to Create Breathtaking Holographic Marketing Content With the Dreamoc

In this post we cover the fundamentals on how to demand and retain your customer’s attention using the Dreamoc holographic display.

During the past decade the retail industry has been flooded with an abundance of new in-store technologies. iPads, TV screens and supposedly user friendly self check-out counters to name a few. It’s a fact that such technologies are indeed transforming the retail landscape and at the same time consumers are increasingly seeking stimulating in-store experiences.

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Why People Buy. Mastering the Psychology of Retail in 2016 - Part 2

The Psychology of Retail continued ....

In Part 1 we looked at why people buy: how the buyers brain works, the influence of emotions and the importance of customer dwell time. In part 2 we’re going to explore the roots of our shopping habits, the psychology of colours and whether consumers get the most joy from the purchase or the product. Once you’ve finished reading this post hopefully you’ll be able to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and understand what their brain is telling them when they’re engaging with your brand.

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