Partner spotlight: Animmersion




Explaining the complex with simple animations  

Animmersion offers clients the chance to tell even the most complex stories in a beautiful and easily understood fashion. This is achieved with the creation of stunning animated videos and graphics giving a visual explanation of, well, anything really. Animmersion specialises in transforming concepts, intricate data sets, complex product manufacturing, industrial and technical processes, the workings of engineering and other types of equipment, and many other difficultly explained phenomena into innovating content explaining everything with great ease.

Most people may have an idea of what lies in the term ‘healthy living’ or they will have some sort of basic grasp of how a house is built. But to convey the rather abstract concept of healthy living or the specific process of building a house to an audience might be a bit of a challenge. Animmersion take up that kind of challenge every day when creating cleverly animated content for their many and varied clients.

Pioneers in animation

The vision of Animmersion is to always be innovative and interpret whatever information their client wishes to convey and change it into something that any audience will respond to and understand without trouble. This means finding key issues of the client’s material and creating engaging visual content without losing the attention or the understanding of the audience allows them to work across sectors. 

Prins Joachim_DTU Biosustain.jpg

This has recently led to animations for the Danish Technical University telling how yeast cells can be engineered into behaving like plastic, it has resulted in an animated explanation of Moore’s Law on transistors and computer chips, and Animmersion has created animations of depository monitoring in pipes under water and the workings of valves and shutters in enclosed piping systems. 

Other clients may need a more creative approach, focusing on key messaging around a product and how that messaging can be turned into something visual. These visual solutions being the result of a fun creative process of harnessing raw data or technical information and transforming it into imaginative animated content. Every client comes with their own set of needs and wishes for a tailored solution.



Getting it right with the client

When clients approach Animmersion, the first questions are most often about the technology, the content, and what stories or types of information can be told in this manner. Most clients do not fully understand how the technology can be applied and wish to become familiar with the opportunities offered by animated visualisations. The short answer is that anything can be told in digital form, it is a matter of getting the message right and applying the imagination and creative skills of the animators and graphic designers making the video.

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The working process is quite simple and consists of talking to the client and learning for whom the content is made, what sparked the idea in the first place, and what the criteria for success are. This leads to a brief prepared for the client, and upon coming to an agreement of the nature of the assignment, Animmersion sets out to interpret, say, healthy living or the construction of a new building, and transform this interpretation into the creative visuals that will make the information available and clear for an audience.

For years, the company has maintained this process the groundwork for conveying intricate bits of information to any type of viewer for almost any type of client with a portfolio holding both global businesses, city councils, museums, offshore businesses, and retail stores.



Being a Gold Partner

A few years back the growing company teamed up with Realfiction and began making content for clients to be used in the various Dreamoc models, but as the collaboration has grown, Animmersion has become a Gold Partner, allowing them to offer both hardware and content, break into new markets and find business opportunities they might otherwise have missed.

The close collaboration has also meant that Animmersion has gained a lot of experience with using Dreamocs in both events, retail settings, and in public areas such as museums, and they do not hesitate to advocate the advantages of getting attention with holographic displays.

Managing Director with Animmersion, Dominic Lusardi, has years of experience working with animated content for all kinds of displays. He explains that Dreamocs simply cut through the noise of any other type of advertising and marketing that an audience is exposed to.


“They deliver a visual solution like no other,”

states Dominic Lusardi, and continues:

“The Dreamocs are so unique and leaves the audience taking away the key message.”


Lusardi emphasises the multitude of possible uses the Dreamocs hold, as some types are easily dissembled and brought to trade shows and expos, while other displays are better suited for stable settings and long-term advertising in a crowded or busy environment.
Being a part of Animmersion Dominic Lusardi closely follows developments within the world of virtual, augmented and mixed reality, and he has no doubt that MR performs the best and is a good solution. “It has the best of both AR and VR, but can be experienced by a wider audience creating better engagement,” says Lusardi.


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