Helping major brands like Target, Domino’s, 7-Eleven and Bank of Queensland, Australia-based Engagis is indeed a frontrunner in creating personal customer connections. By blending technology, creativity and strategy they enable unique two-way conversations that engage, inspire and convert customers. 

Since 2003, Engagis has been focused on delivering tailored digital solutions throughout Australia and New Zealand, encompassing the complete value chain of hardware, content creation, installation and 24/7 support.

Partner Spotlights

Their line of work spans large enterprises in the bank and telecoms sector, healthcare, museums and multi-site retail - all industries that are in a turmoil of redefining themselves in relation to physical stores and touchpoints, as well as coping with the ongoing challenge of adding actual value and experiences to the customer while in-store.


Mapping the customer journey

As every industry and business means a different approach, Engagis has a straightforward way of boiling their success down to a single word.


Time – I’m sure to say we invest a lot more time in our clients that others in our field of work, in order to develop exactly the right solution”,  

says Jason Bell, innovations consultant at Engagis’ Sydney branch. He describes the general process that they take their clients through from initial idea to finished implementation.



“Across all business sectors today your customer is channel agnostic, so everything starts with mapping the customer journey and analyzing all the touchpoints along the pathway to purchase. This could be online at home, on mobile, in physical locations and so on”, says Jason and continues. “After we’ve narrowed it down to the type of solution we are suggesting, we deliver a series of digital renderings to visualize what the given solution would look like implemented in the client’s own environment. Following that is the test-and-learn phase where we build and install an initial solution to test the impact and measure results, moving on to a refinement phase to tweak the final details.” 



A future outlook for the automotive industry

As Engagis was the first company in the world to install a DeepFrame, their outlook for the future usage of the technology is still expanding at a steady flow. The company is currently working with a major brand in the automotive industry to roll out a dedicated car configurator concept across their network of dealers in Australia. Using DeepFrame as the platform, Engagis is able to create tailored experiences that allow customers to explore and interact with full-size virtual representations of multiple car models in a single space.      



“I see great potential in embedding this technology in exclusive locations, as it brings together a physical experience like you’ve never seen before. To create an augmented digital overlay on top of a real physical space or car is something that so many industries can benefit from, both commercially and for educational purposes as well”, says Jason Bell and continues. “It provides multiple people to take part in the same experience, at the same time, and interact with true-to-size digital elements like taking a look inside and exploring the engine, brakes, safety features and such”.




Redefining your next visit to the bank

Apart from an impressive track record in the retail, automotive and telecoms industry, another interesting project that Engagis is currently involved in is how to radically transform the way we engage with our personal bank. With the majority of the transactional relationship being increasingly online, banks all over the world are in a phase of creating so-called flagship locations, similar to what has been happening in the fashion industry for the past decade.


Quote-symbol“What we see is a strong demand from the market and consumer in turning your visit to the bank into an experience, being all aspects from personalized financial advice, product recommendation, education and workshops. As of now, we are delivering these types of flagship experience centers to a number of leading banks”,
says Jason Bell. 

Apart from delivering incredible experiences Down Under, the company is also stretching their services to cover the Philippines, Serbia and neighboring south-east Asia.