Holographic “Stop the Spread” Display

“We commit ourselves to sharing the right information about how we can limit the spread of infection along with prevention practices, community education and assuming the right attitude, lessening the impact of this virus”, says Joel Solloway, Partner at EventWorks4D.
In 2020, together with Vincent Lighting Systems, our US partner  EventWorks4D launched the fully automated holographic disinfectant.


The Solution

The no touch kiosk uses the eye-catching Dreamoc HD3.2 to display a series of Covid related holographic messages designed by UK partner, Four:55 Limited. A.

The holographic animations share relevant virus-related topics such as Myths & Facts, Global Statistics, Scientific Vaccine Updates, When & How to Wear a Mask and Prevention.

Additionally, end-user holographic logo branding can be incorporated between vignettes.


Innovation and Awareness

This holographic kiosk is equipped with the latest technology such as Tempracam infrared thermal facial recognition scanner to acquire temperature clearance.

The easy to access display design makes it a perfect solution to be integrated in high concentration areas such as supermarkets, museums, retail, hospitals and many more.


Attitude & Action

“Hand sanitizer is one of the best tools available to avoid getting sick and spreading germs”, according to World Health Organization

This fully automated sanitizer dispenser uses holography to launch an awareness message that aims to contribute to stopping the spread of COVID-19.

The system even releases a mask when a user activates the thermal scanner.