The team at Primitiv work with interactive media to combine technologies and tell the intricate and often super complex stories of their portfolio of clients.
The Sweden based agency has years of experience working with graphic solutions, sound, and illustrations to convey the messages of the various client that are primarily industrial businesses wishing to do expos on the processes and procedures that makes up their everyday work.


Since 2011 the Primitiv team have worked with clients across Europe and the US on using virtual, augmented and mixed reality to design visual attractions that will not only get the attention of an audience but will keep them focused and relay rather difficult explanations of functionality, industry processes, or core business values.

When Primitiv first meet with a client the air is filled with questions of what the purpose, goals, and wishes are for the effort at hand. Often, the wish is to make an impact on visitors at a trade show or an expo, and Primitiv have both experience and lots of ideas for these particular cases.

Baffle trade show audiences to make a lasting impression

Trade shows and expos are inherently noisy and crowded places with people passing by while many devices, salespeople, and attractions fight for their attention. Primitiv have made it their specialty to combine technologies like imagery and sound to help clients get into the minds of passers-by and make them pay attention.

Combining various presentation techniques like the holographic content of a Dreamoc display with sound effects or even music composed by Primitiv creates a strong effect that makes an impression on an audience even in the bustling surroundings of a trade fair.

Adding extra details to a Dreamoc display is another favored feature of Primitiv’s such as using Arduino to program streams of light added inside the display, or placing various items or physical product samples inside the display is another way to go - and Primitiv have found that the more you puzzle the audience, the better.


Quote-symbol“Making the audience actually stop wondering what is going on inside the display and simply experience it all instead, is what we’re going for,”

says Peter Nyrell, Studio Manager of Primitiv. The goal is to baffle anyone watching, because this leads to the sense of wonder sparking that lasting impression, everyone is working hard to achieve.


Smooth and simple messaging with the Dreamoc

Primitiv have worked with clients such as Danfoss, creating an exhibition stand for the company explaining the benefits of selling and buying excess power in a supermarket and sharing resources. This is difficult to state on a poster or explain with stills in a pamphlet, but creating a short video highlighting the path of the power from the plant to home, to a supermarket and onwards in the cycle is easy with a tool such as the Dreamoc.

The power paths were outlined on the base of the display, and the supermarket was superimposed on a 3D printed model of a small community placed in the display. Smoothly and simply the message comes across to anyone watching.


A perfect fit for museums

Using interactivity and letting the audience impact the illustrations is another tool that Primitiv like to use, and for entertainment clients Primitiv find that all types of immersive technology are a good choice. The introduction of the DeepFrame has raised a few eyebrows inattention at the Malmö offices, as the perspective of doing something in a larger setting than the Dreamoc displays span out for the creatives.


“We work with museums, and the DeepFrame seems
to be a perfect fit for these institutions,”

says Peter Nyrell, while explaining how the agency has previously helped Malmö Castle advertise their aquarium and pointing to the possibilities of creating the illusion of an audience being submerged in a shark tank allowing them to grab an animal and take a ride in an underwater world.

This is just one example of a good idea, and the future of holographic content for Primitiv is merely limited by the imagination of the clients and the agency - and the imagination is pretty much abundant.