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Holograms for the HoloMonitor

Visualizing the building blocks of life is something the team at Phase Holographic Imaging (PHI) has made their quest to solve. Located in the southern part of Sweden, PHI is a niche company that makes it possible for the medical industry to continuously monitor the growth of different types of cells using their revolutionary HoloMonitor microscope technology. As the name of the company reveals, it didn’t take long to convince the team that renting a holographic display for their coming trade fair season was the way forward.  

We had the pleasure of meeting Håkan Rosvall, the COO and Country Manager of PHI, at their facilities in Sweden for a chat about the results of using holograms to attract more visitors and attention. 

holographic display for expo with touchscreen

The solution 
With about the size of a regular shoebox, the HoloMonitor is quite a handy piece of hardware, when considering the number of high-tech components it is made of. Looking at the available booth space that was booked, the team at PHI decided to rent the Dreamoc XL4 as the hologram display of choice. The HoloMonitor fits perfectly inside the display’s glass chamber, with enough space left for the vivid animations to highlight the unique features of the microscope. 

At the front of the display, an interactive touchscreen was installed to drive additional engagement from visitors. The touchscreen’s interface was custom designed to mirror the look and feel of PHI’s other graphic elements and style. Visitors could explore the various features of the HoloMonitor, and visually see the benefits displayed 


 “By using the display, we managed to secure 100% more prospect leads at the expo”

- Håkan Rosvall, COO at PHI AB

The results 
Due to the added attention and number of visitors that stopped at the booth, PHI managed to increase their number of prospect leads by +100%. Additionally, the leads that were collected had a much better understanding of the unique features of the HoloMonitor, since the sales team actively used the holographic display in their pitch.  

“It was such a success that I’ve already booked it again for our next fair”

- Håkan Rosvall, COO at PHI AB


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