World’s Largest 3D Holographic Display.png

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Realfiction is Ready to Build the World’s Largest 3D Holographic Displays

Big, bigger, enormous.

Realfiction is now ramping up to build the world's largest 3D holographic displays. A complete 360 degree solution that can span a massive 11 x 11 meters – large enough to encapsulate an entire car or anything else in that size scale. 
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RBTE 2016 Dreamoc POP3.jpg

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Realfiction Rocks Retail’s Finest at RBTE 2016

The Dreamoc POP3 and Fusion combination connect with the crowds in London

From March 9–10, we attended the Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE) in London! The event was co-located with the Retail Digital Signage Expo and Retail Design Expo, which, in their own words have finished to  “universal acclaim”.

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Dreamoc POP3.jpg

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Dreamoc POP3 and Fusion take ISE by storm

Get another chance to experience the awesome innovation in Holographic Marketing launched at ISE 2016

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3D Holo-gaming technology dsXpress.png

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Why you should be using 3D Holo-gaming technology to engage your audience

Grab attention, differentiate your story, and be remarkable with the ds.Xplay and Realfiction Dreamoc

In this post we discover the amazing potential for client engagement made possible with the world’s first Holo-gaming controller from Realfiction partner ds.Xpress.

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3D printing and 3D holographic animation.png

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How to accelerate your product prototyping using 3D holographic animation with 3D Printing

Eliminate costly prototyping cycles and speed your product to its intended market by combining the flexibility of 3D holographic animation with 3D Printing.

Imagine how much fun you could have mocking up rapid prototypes in no time, without losing the communication punch that 3D provides?

In this post we show how 3D printing is revolutionising design and how your business can get to the next level, much simpler and definitely more profitably compared to designing products the “traditional way”.

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Dreamoc 3D holographic display

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3 Awesome ways Realfiction’s Holographic Displays will revolutionize your Product Marketing in 2016

How Realfiction’s Dreamoc can propel your brand into the New Year

Are you looking for creative ways to kick-start your product marketing in 2016? Do you want to make your products stand out from the crowd at conferences, tradeshows and exhibitions?  Want to maximize your impact at the POS?

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Web Summit 2015

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Web Summit 2015: Realfiction Demonstrates the Power of Holographic Storytelling

From November 7 – 10 this year, Web Summit 2015, “the best technology conference on the planet” showcased the best and brightest in the industry.

Web Summit is an annual technology conference held in Dublin, Ireland since 2010, and has grown to over 42,000 attendees from more than 134 countries. This year, Realfiction was selected as an Alpha exhibitor, and was in attendance with their own exhibition stand.

With stunning its holographic display, Realfiction’s Dreamoc certainly stood out from the crowd and had everybody talking.

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Holographic display interactive Dreamoc

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How Interactivity Increases Reach

Earlier this year, video media network Captivate announced their plan to rebrand their elevator and lobby screen digital signage networks, the end goal being to increase engagement and captivate hard-to-reach business professionals while increasing value for their advertising partners.

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Dell at FRS 2015 Dreamoc 3D holographic display

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DELL cuts through ‘Trade Fair noise’ with Realfiction

DELL dominates at FRS 2015 with Realfiction’s 3D holographic display

DELL asked its advertising agency, AdPeople, to create a unique stand experience for visitors to its annual internal EMEA sales event, the Field Readiness Seminar (FRS) 2015 in Copenhagen.

AdPeople responded by creating a show-stopping display area for DELL, incorporating four of Realfiction’s Dreamocs with vivid holographic displays.

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Real time Interactive 3d modelling

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New Realtime Feature Allows for Instant Interactive 3D Modelling

How Cadenas Enables Users to Manipulate 3D Holographic Models in Real Time

Brand Directors are always hunting for ways to provide a unique user experience that grabs attention and drives engagement with their products.

But the need for attention and selling your idea does not start or end where the product meets the end customer. Engineers, designers and product marketers also need to be able to communicate and demonstrate their ideas, concepts, prototypes and storyboards in ways that enable the viewer to visualise a user journey or use case.

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