Amazing 3D Holographic Innovation on show at DSE 2016


World's largest digital display Expo provides perfect stage for Realfiction's Dreamocs

This year's DSE was all about "Endless Innovation" and our team from Realfiction wholeheartedly embraced this theme with the latest innovations in 3D holographic display technology. The event is renowned for having key industry innovators showcasing their products in the EXPO hall, and is a must for anyone with an interest in retail and 3D holographic displays

We had a fantastic repsonse to our displays and made some great connections, and we are already looking forward to next years event, DSE 2017

In this video by RAVE Publications, our Global Sales Director, Michael Bjerregaard, talks about creating the stop-and-wonder effect and why this is so crucial in retail today:

 Here are a few of our favourite pictures from the event: 






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