How to attract the attention of your customers

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 We live in a world that is changing faster and faster with brands and retailers competing for consumers’ attention in ever more skilful ways.

It’s getting increasingly difficult to stand out and impress the crowd. And if only to up the ante your customers’ attention spans are diminishing while they are also getting better and better at simply tuning out advertisers in their daily lives. 

This means that the fight for attention is tough – it takes a lot to get noticed so you have to stand out. Luckily, it is still possible to make a grand impression when applying something the audience doesn’t encounter every day.  As such, three-dimensional holographic solutions are still brand new in regards of displays and surely captures the interest of anyone passing by. 

Dwindling attention spans

Studies show that the human attention span is decreasing due to the widespread use of smartphones allowing us to flip from one thing to the next with the swipe of a finger. At the same time your customers in stores and malls have got so used to cardboard cutouts, TV screens, and the occasional tablet computer offering interactivity that they simply don’t pay much attention to them anymore. You need something special to grab the attention of your customers and with vivid and colourful holographic content you can create something unique capturing and retaining the attention of your audience.

There are five crucial touch points you need to consider when grasping for attention. You will want to give your customers the opportunity to touch, feel, think, and act when experiencing your product as well as relating to it. Creating a holographic story that aligns with your brand values, showing off the product USPs will do just that.

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Creating a story

The combination of the physical product itself and animations that resemble reality conveys a sense of magic and is almost impossible to ignore; the colourful movements spike human curiosity and create attention, and your animated product story retains it.

Surprising the audience, frequently changing scenes, and flashy effects will make spectators dwell by the display spending valuable time looking at your product and its story. The extended dwell time also extends the chance of converting the audience into customers.

Making perfect holographic content is about the product or brand; you will need to focus on a story that you want to tell the audience. Is it about a bottle of fine spirits traversing the Equator twice while maturing, or is it the story of a watch built from tiny gears and levers, or is it perhaps a tale of cocoa beans harvested on a remote island and ending up as truffle filled chocolate in rosy foil on the customer’s lounge table.

A display of magic

The Dreamoc may look like an empty glass box, a fish tank without the fish - or even the water, but when you fire it up with your three-dimensional holographic content, it becomes so much more. The angled glass panes reflect an animated video just so in order to create the feel and look of a hologram floating in midair. Using not only video but also text, pictures, and two-dimensional graphics you are able to create a stunning exhibition of your product or brand.

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