How to create great holographic content for the Dreamoc

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In this post we cover the fundamentals on how to demand and retain your customer’s attention using the Dreamoc holographic display.

During the past decade the retail industry has been flooded with an abundance of new in-store technologies. iPads, TV screens and supposedly user friendly self check-out counters to name a few. It’s a fact that such technologies are indeed transforming the retail landscape and at the same time consumers are increasingly seeking stimulating in-store experiences.

Throughout this article we’re going to explore why you would want to use holographic marketing, and most importantly,how you can take most advantage of it to retain your customer’s attention in-store.

First things first - What is a Dreamoc?

A Dreamoc is a 3D holographic display. Without any content it will simply look like an empty glass cabinet, almost like a fish tank. However, once you fire it up with some 3D animated video content it transforms into a powerful beacon of supercharged customer engagement.

Content for the Dreamoc is essentially a normal 2D video on a black background that has been formatted to fit the optic dimensions of a specific Dreamoc display model.

Still unclear? We’re not trying to confuse you...promise.

The 3D effect that you see is achieved by the light of each pixel in the video reflecting in the Dreamoc. As the black background casts no light, this colour becomes invisible, resulting in the video animation floating in mid air inside of the Dreamoc display. Finally, you add some motion and 3D perspective to the video animation, and just like that it magically appears as a 3D hologram in front of your eyes.

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You’re not just limited to video either. You can use pictures, text, 2D graphics and 3D animation, as long as they are composited on the black background. It all depends on what sort of story you want to tell and what you’re hoping to achieve through your.

The Dreamoc displays come in an array of sizes, so that whether you’re creating content for a permanent in-store setup, or looking to stop people in their tracks at an event, there’s an appropriate and scalable solution available.


Why use Holographic Marketing content?

Ever been worried that your upcoming product launch might fall flat?

Ever thought that you’re not making the most of customer footfall?

Ever been uninspired when you walk around your own store(s)?

In a world where consumers have become desensitised to regular adverts and promotions, the ability to catch (and retain) your customer's attention is extremely important. Furthermore, with the unstoppable rise in online shopping, having a clear strategy for the in-store experience is more important than ever.

The Dreamoc plays upon the five different types of experience touch points that a general consumer relates to - and which your should take into consideration when you create your content;

  • Sensory experience (Touch)
  • Affective experience (Feel)
  • Creative cognitive experience (Think)
  • Physical experience (Act)
  • Social-identity experience that result from relating to a reference group or culture (Relate)

Furthermore, consumers who tinker or interacts with a product in-store equals a higher conversion rate than those just exposed of a traditional shelf hanger ad or TV screen. The Dreamoc display activates all of the five experiences by creating attention and engagement directly at the point of sale. Once the shoppers’ curiosity is awakened, they are more likely to explore and play with the exhibited product. Ultimately, the increase in dwell-time enhances the chance of the customer walking out of the store with your product in hand. 

How to create the perfect Dreamoc content.

In the fast paced world that we live in, people have increasingly short attention spans. Recent studies have actually shown that thanks to the smartphone revolution, humans today have a shorter attention span than that of goldfish. The Dreamoc is a tool for creating that attention and making people stop in front of your brand and product. This is crucial to remember when planning your creative content.Think about the story that you want to tell about your brand or product. Are you going to display a physical product inside the Dreamoc? Do you want to demonstrate how something technical works? Think this part into detail.   Some key points to remember;

  • Bright colours and vivid motion will help to attract passers by, whereas static or slow moving animation may mean that you fail to earn enough attention or people who initially took notice soon lose interest.
  • Changing the scenes frequently and use a series of short, fast effects. Give them no reason to turn away, demand their attention by constantly surprising the brain and you’ll leave them transfixed.
  • Break the logic and surprise-attack the brain by adding an element of surprise to your story. This will enhance the attention span, thus increasing dwell-time event further.


So far so good - We have now covered some of the fundamentals in order to create really breathtaking content for the Dreamoc.

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