Unleashing the Power of Holographic with Dreamoc interactive App – Dreamoc Play

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Realfiction has been rocking the world of holographic content marketing, creating beautiful devices that display high definition videos in the third dimension. In addition to these marketing marvels, the Realfiction team decided to create the interactive holographic interface that can work on most Apple smart devices.

With this application, you have the ability to not only control the feed, but also grant interactive powers to your ‘would-be consumers’. In other words, you provide a marketing experience unlike any other.

The simplicity of this application and the seamless integration with the Dreamoc series makes it a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. Dreamoc Play, as it’s called, provides full integration via your Apple smart device and a simple USB cable.

You simply need to download Dreamoc Play and install it on your device. The interface of the application is pretty self-explanatory with easy drag and drop actions, background customization and much more! You’ll be able to create an interactive environment within minutes of downloading the app, opening the floodgates to customer engagement.


Some important updates

As software continues to evolve, the Realfiction team addressed some of the issues with the earlier version of the app and now runs with seamless integration. Below is a short list of the updates included in the new version of Dreamoc Play.

  • Now supports iPhone 5/6, iPod Touch (5th gen and up), iPad (4th gen), iPad 2, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3.
  • Complete in-app instructions added
  • New Pro feature: Now you can also redesign the frame around the thumbnail pictures.
  • New Pro feature: Create your own screensaver movie for the Dreamoc display.
  • Minor fixes


As you can see, nearly all Apple devices are now compatible with the application meaning that you won’t have to upgrade your hardware to experience the full power of the Dreamoc. All your instructional material is included and will guide you through the entire experience of creating an interactive holographic environment for your customers.


How Customers React to Dreamoc Play

Some of our clients have had the opportunity to test the Dreamoc Play application in a live marketing environment and reported fantastic results. The mere fact that customers can interact with the Holographic material gives them a sense of “control” over the marketing content. This in turn inspires a sense of ‘ownership’ of the content provided and helps motivate customers to make a purchase.

Some of the Realfiction Partners are working on interactive games that can be centered on your brand allowing the customer to dive even deeper into your material.

The future of content marketing is here, today… and with the Dreamoc Play app, you’ll unleash its full potential to unsuspecting prospects, wowing them into becoming loyal fans of your brand. Get the Dreamoc App right now!