Realfiction Rocks Retail’s Finest at RBTE 2016

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The Dreamoc POP3 and Fusion combination connect with the crowds in London

From March 9–10, we attended the Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE) in London! The event was co-located with the Retail Digital Signage Expo and Retail Design Expo, which, in their own words have finished to  “universal acclaim”.

"Your innovation is really bridging the gap between brands and their customers…wow". Realfiction Stand Visitor

RBTE is the must attend event for retailers and major label brands who are, or wish to be leading the field with both their products and focus on the customer experience. RBTE is the place for exhibitors and attendees to showcase and experience the latest in innovative retail solutions.


RBTE’s ‘Eye on Innovation’ awards are an industry standard, and last year, we scooped the top award for the Dreamoc at RBTE 2015. Such industry awards give retailers the chance to celebrate the groundbreaking inventions that help revolutionize their marketing strategies for the better – making RBTE the perfect platform to showcase creative digital marketing solutions.

Introducing the Dreamoc POP3

With over 15,452 visitors attending all three exhibitions this year, we were able to showcase our newest and most affordable holographic display yet, the Dreamoc POP3, to a huge audience.

The stunning Dreamoc POP3 was showcased using the brand new innovative in-built Fusion feature for synchronisation that was launched the previous week at ISE (Integrated Systems Europe.)

The Dreamoc Fusion feature allows for multiple Dreamocs to be synchronised, creating a visually astonishing, dynamic holographic storytelling experience where animations move seamlessly from one display to another.



Engaging visitors in a busy retail environment

Alongside the brand new Dreamoc POP3, we were also proud to present our smartphone-enabled interactive Dreamoc solution featured in the Dreamoc 360 XXL, where visitors were able to design their own custom sneakers in real-time!

Our stand was buzzing with activity, with global brands, content creators and integrators all fascinated by the innovation on display. Visitor reactions were overwhelmingly enthusiastic, and we were ‘wowed’ by the response we received.

The power of the Dreamoc to engage, involve and entertain customers with one visitor stating:

"I got tons of invaluable new insights and ideas from attending RTBE. I have seen a lot at this fair – but nothing like your 3D holographic displays. Your displays are as strong on capturing consumers as strong on delivering commercial impact".


Thank you, RBTE!

This year’s RBTE was one of the biggest yet! Oracle, Fujitsu, Samsung, JDA Software, Manhattan Associates, Wincor Nixdorf, Toshiba and PayPal are just a selection of the suppliers that were present at the two-day event.

The whole team thoroughly enjoyed RBTE 2016 and would like to extend a big thank you to all their visitors at the event.

We are looking forward to RBTE 2017, April 19-20. Olympia, London, UK.