Dreamoc POP3 and Fusion take ISE by storm

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Get another chance to experience the awesome innovation in Holographic Marketing launched at ISE 2016

The Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) event 2016 proved to be the perfect platform for the launch of Realfiction’s futuristic new display, the Dreamoc POP3 with built-in Fusion feature for synchronisation.  

At an event renowned for innovation and creative development, Realfiction, with the new Dreamoc POP3 led the field; wowing visitors with stunning displays and demos.

The event was the perfect opportunity to showcase to over 65,000 attendees exactly how the Dreamoc POP3 has the power to skyrocket brand awareness and elevate product marketing campaigns to new heights.

With a stunning high resolution display and vibrant luminous holographic animations, the POP3 was a clear focal point in the exhibition hall.


Introducing the Dreamoc POP3

The POP3 enables brands to enhance any product visually, while enabling them to develop creative and interactive marketing concepts that can be updated at the touch of a button. By displaying products in this fresh and unique style, the Dreamoc POP3 ensures that your brand is differentiated from the rest and commands the attention it deserves. Not only is the POP3 our newest display model on the market, but it is also our most affordable display!

In a sea of 1,103 fellow exhibitors, Realfiction stood out from the crowd illustrating how the holographic magic of the Dreamoc can conjure any product to life. The Dreamoc POP3 has a number of exciting and innovative new features:


Making an impact with Dreamoc Fusion

The power of Realfiction’s new one-sided display is never better showcased than when several displays are lined up side-by-side, and the futuristic new built-in Fusion feature is activated.

The Dreamoc Fusion feature allows for multiple Dreamocs to be synchronised, creating a visually astonishing, dynamic holographic storytelling experience where animations move seamlessly from one display to another.

The POP3 allows for a unique user experience, and the Dreamoc Fusion feature ensures that your brand has never looked better. The feature allows for truly endless possibilities, streamlining the animation experience and drawing customers into a vivid holographic story as it unfolds across several displays.


ISE - The Definitive Event for Technology and Innovation
ISE this year was the biggest to date, with a total of 65,686 registered attendees over the course of the four days.. As a result, ISE is now officially recognised as the world’s largest AV and systems integration exhibition, making it the perfect platform for Realfiction to showcase their innovative holographic displays. ISE remains the top trade show of choice for international AV and systems integration professionals.

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