How to decide what Dreamoc is best for your campaign

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Realfiction provides a wide selection of Holographic Displays that can be catered to suit your specific marketing needs.

With six different models to choose from, picking the right one can be a challenge.

Since many of our frequently asked questions involve something along the lines of ‘what’s the best Dreamoc for me?’ we have decided to create a quick guide on picking the right one for your next marketing campaign.

Dreamoc HD3

This 3-Sided Display case is perfect as a centerpiece to your marketing campaign. It’s relatively compact and incredibly simple to use with HDMI connections available for interactivity. It is an ideal solution for ‘in-store campaigns’ as it becomes a brilliant focal point to bring attention to your product.

It’s sturdy and doesn’t take up too much floor space like other Dreamocs on this list. With options for large order volumes, this is a brilliant solution for brands that want to leave their mark in chain stores.



Dreamoc XL2

The Dreamoc XL2 is twice as wide, twice as high and twice as deep as the HD3, so that its size actually equals 8 x HD3 displays! This powerhouse delivers crisp clean images and demands the attention of onlookers. Just like the HD3, it also has full HD resolution and built-in speakers, so this beast is perfect for larger venues like airports or malls.

This is a perfect solution for people who need to ‘stand out from the crowd’ in busy places like tradeshows and convention centers.


Scandinavia 360

This is a centerpiece display case with its 360-degree view allowing onlookers to marvel at it from all sides. This is definitely a solid option for brands that will be displaying their products in “open floor” environments. Choose the optional travel case to make it that bit easier to move the Scandinavia 360 around and use it at multiple locations. It can also be used in fixed locations, and many businesses use this display in their lobbies to project an image of innovation and elegance.


Scandinavia 360 XXL

The 360 doesn’t cut it for you? Why not use the big brother instead, the XXL? Being significantly larger than the 360, this is the ‘big guns’ when it comes to holographic displays. In one case, an airport used this device to illustrate the plans they had for a new section they were building, and onlookers also had the opportunity to interact with the display using a mobile device.

If you want to make a big impact, this is definitely the case for you.


Scandinavia 180 XXL

In similar size to the 360 XXL, the 180 XXL is designed for wall displays. It is a monster and will definitely attract the gaze of anyone within its vicinity. This is definitely meant for a fixed location as the assembled weight comes out to 170 Kg and it’s packed with powerful 46” Full HD LED screens.

This is perfect for many locations such as large shopping malls, exhibitions, airports and any area that has high volume foot traffic.


Dreamoc Play

The Dreamoc Play is an extension for the Dreamoc that allows the user to select the content displayed using a smart device like an iPhone or iPad. This gives the customer a sense of ownership over the product being displayed and in turn, they become bigger fans of the product.

If you want to create a “hands on” experience for your consumers, this is definitely the ticket!