How to choose the right Dreamoc for your business?

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A new year brings along the occasion to answer a common question that we often get - how to navigate and decide which of our displays to choose for your particular project.

With the advent of technology, the field of mixed reality is indeed starting 2017 on the forefront as a one of the most hyped topics. Proven effective at enhancing experiences and creating attention, mixed reality (or just MR) is on the rise to becoming one of the preferred new way of creating engagement, whether it being for commercial purposes, brand awareness boosting or for strictly educational means. This article seeks to act as a quick overview to help you distinguish and decide which of our displays would work best for your given campaign, event or installation.


The remarkable Dreamoc HD3
Let’s start with our signature display that features the characteristic pyramid shaped optics. The HD3 is designed in every detail to create a lot of attention in busy commercial settings. It is less than two feet wide and measures only a bit more than one foot in height, but its presence and effect is so much bigger.
The holographic content is visible from three sides, making it possible for the viewers to walk around the display and observe the product and magic from almost every angle, adding to the experience of seeing something truly spectacular. For optional accessories a flightcase is available as well as a stand, allowing foils or magnetic skins to be attached for complete branding possibilities.
The HD3 comes with our custom Content Management System, making it easy for you to change and update your content depending on the displayed product, season, campaign and so on. This feature is handy when you have more than one display and need to change the content of all of them in accordance with a campaign or with regional changes for example. 

Recommended use: Retail spaces, smaller event spaces.


The captivating Dreamoc XL3
The XL3 is one of our bigger mixed reality displays that makes an ideal solution for larger spaces such as focal point installations in retail, expos, hotel lobbies or office reception areas. It has space for objects as tall as a champagne bottle, and is perfect for those larger areas where you want to make a big impression on passers-by. It is also a great solution for bigger events like fairs and trade shows, and because of its three visible sides it allows a lot of viewers to get a look at the magic happening inside.
One of the large glass panes serves as an access point to easily exchange the physical object inside the display, and the content is easily managed from a discreet opening at the top, holding a standard USB-device.
Although this display is big, it is also flexible when mounted on the optional stand fitted with wheels, making it an easy task to move the display around as you see fit. Perhaps you want it placed as a focal point in an department store during the day, but need to have it safe inside after hours, and moving it about like that is no big deal with the XL3. The display’s multi-purpose stand is available in three different varieties depending on your specific needs. You can choose between an open base that gives a visually light setting, an option with back panel and a shelf for displaying your products, pamphlets, or whatever you may want.

Recommended use: Events, hotel lobbies, larger focal point installations in retail.


The impressive Dreamoc POP3
This sleek and white one-sided display is a strategic asset to any commercial environment. It is less than two feet wide and only slightly more than a foot in height, but it is simply impressive at creating attention and engagement. It is also available as a slightly taller version, called the POP3B, which allows for objects the size of say a wine bottle.
Because of the single front focus, it does extremely well in window displays and other places where the audience can linger and be drawn in by your holographic story unfolding before their eyes.  The single front focus also makes the POP3 perfect for shelf installations or as a Fusion setup, where multiple displays are lined up next to, or on top of each other – or however you choose to place them. With Fusion you could create a set of flowing animations moving from one display to the next and back, or you could have a wall of displays in a store front window each showing a little part of something bigger coming together in the grand view of all the assembled displays.
The POP3 also features our CMS, granting you easy access to managing the content and letting you program a specific order or change of content in whatever way you may need, and in as many displays you like.

Recommended use: Retail, window installations.

XXL3_image 2_.png

The grand Dreamoc XXL3
This is our largest solution and the perfect choice for creating those memorable mixed reality experiences in large settings such as malls, museums and big trade fairs with lots of other parties demanding attention from the audience. With full 4-sided visibility this display gives the viewers a chance to be dazzled by your holographic content from all viewing angles. Furthermore, it features built-in speakers and, if needed, it is easily connected to your own external sound system allowing you to crank up the volume or make an impact with directed sound effects.
This display is so large that it can house items of up to three feet across and almost 2 feet in height, giving you the opportunity to play around with bigger or multiple items to be enhanced by the vivid animations. The sheer size is what makes this perfect for key installations in museums or other educational institutions, since it allows for highlighting those very special objects and make good use of the interactive possibilities.
This XXL3 is made for a life of changing scenes, which is why it already comes in a sturdy flightcase to keep it safe on the road. It is easily assembled and disassembled for ideal use in many different venues, whether it is to be showing off your brand at competitive trade shows or leaving a grand impression on an audience in a mall.

Recommended use: Malls, expos, museum installations, airports. 

For inspiration and a closer look at the ways of using our different display models , take a look at our case studies here.  

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