Five Reasons why Holographic Marketing is taking over the world

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Over the past few years, there has been a massive increase in the demand for holographic content displays. Some of the biggest brands in the world have seen the impact of this marketing technique; they know that if they want to see an increase in sales and reach, this is the way to go.

Below is a list of the top 5 reasons why holographic marketing is taking over the world:

#1 Lasting Impressions

We’ve all heard the expression “First impressions last” and this statement is true in every sense. The first impression in terms of marketing needs to be impacting, positive and has to linger in the mind of the consumer all the way to the checkout counter.

With holographic marketing, the novelty of 3D elements interacting with real objects is something that inspires ‘awe’ within most consumers.

If this is the first time that prospect looks at your product, rest assured that there will only be positive thoughts concerning the product.

#2 Positive Association

Watching Holographic content is a pleasure to most onlookers; it is something new, refreshing and intriguing – it commands attention. The content tricks the brain to think ‘what it is seeing’ is real, especially when integrating the graphics with a physical object. This positive experience in turn creates a deeper bond between the consumer and the product on display.

Call it ‘eye candy’ if you will.

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#3 You Can’t Miss it

The Dreamoc, by Realfiction, is designed in such a manner that the focal point of the display is fixated on your product. Our sight is instantly drawn to rapid movements or dynamic elements. Since the content is created around the product, everything from the case to the images inside elevate your product to a new level of ‘attention grabbing’.

Patterns are pleasing to the human eye, but what is more pleasing is something that breaks that pattern. Within isles of static product promotions, a dynamic display that breaches the expectation of the viewer is the break within the pattern that most brands desire.

#4 Shock and Awe

If you have never seen a holographic display in full HD, you won’t understand how it takes a minute for your mind to put things into order. Frequently you’ll see people examining the display cases trying to figure out how they managed to graphic elements with a real physical object.

Even when you know the science behind it the Dreamoc, you’ll still find yourself gazing at the pretty lights that seem to defy the laws of reality.

#5 Lingering memories

Finally, one of the goals of a successful marketing campaign is to have your brand linger in the mind of the consumer. With Holographic content marketing, you make a firm impression within their subconscious. You added value to their shopping experience by bringing them a fresh new platform of advertisement.


Rest assured that in all likeliness the consumer will rave about the innovative new presentation of your product within their own social circles.

Holographic content marketing provides unique opportunities for brands to reach deeper within the minds and experiences of their consumers ultimately turning them into loyal customers.