How to make your product pop with the Dreamoc

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A fast-paced market requires innovative marketing techniques in order to dominate. With all the glitter and distraction of competitors, it is imperative that your brand makes an impression that convinces people to commit to a purchase.

To ‘impress’ a customer is becoming ever more difficult in this technologically-driven age, where seemingly everyone has a personal computer lodged in their pocket, able to access the world in an instance.

Traditional marketing techniques fall short in retaining customer attention as most consumers have been worn out through decades of invasive advertisement, lifeless billboards and repetitive templates that simply do not deliver the results one would expect with such a high price tag.

Consumers are tired of merely being a spectator with their brands; they want to be involved with the product and the advertisement as well. This sense of ownership inspires a deeper loyalty to the brand and in turn creates a prolonged revenue stream.

Bringing your product into the Third Dimension with the Dreamoc

As mentioned, due to the high level of technological interaction in society on a daily basis, consumer expectation has risen significantly. It takes a lot more to ‘capture the attention’ of your customers through traditional mediums.

Videos, billboards, flyers and posters are all limited in terms of communication. There is still a significant barrier between the message and the consumer; they are still merely observers throughout the entire experience.

With the Dreamoc by Realfiction, you blur the lines between reality and fiction by bringing your advertisement into the third dimension. With high-resolution graphics and elegant casings, your product marketing enters into the realm of the consumer and pushes the boundaries of ‘what is and what isn’t’.

Feel free to check out some of Realfiction’s fascinating case studies to learn more about ROI and to see for yourself how convincing the graphics of the Dreamoc really are.

For an observer seeing it in real life, the experience instinctively inspires awe and amazement. For decades, science fiction has predicted holographic advertisement and embedded within the subconscious of the consumer is a desire to see this fantasy made real.

Once a consumer experiences something like this in real life, they experience a sense of wonder and connect this feeling with the product on display.

Positive Reinforcement

Brands that capitalize on this positive emotion see a definite increase in revenue throughout their marketing exhibitions. From trade shows to airports, this strategy has allowed brands to distinguish themselves from competitors and create a lasting effect within the mind of potential customers.

People are more willing to spend money if they feel that the brand went beyond expectations and provided them with a positive experience in the process. In some cases the commitment to purchase is almost an automatic response in order to ‘take some of the experience’ home with them.

It’s time to leave traditional marketing methods behind and bring your brand into the third dimension.

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