How Holographic Marketing influences POS

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Holographic marketing is taking the world by storm. It has been implemented on countless showroom floors, malls, convention centers and in stores to drive up sales and leave a lasting impression on potential clients.

With companies like Realfiction facilitating the technology to implement this powerful marketing technique, more brands are jumping on board and reaping great benefits along the way.

To illustrate the effectiveness of this marketing technique we’ll take a closer look at how a Dreamoc can drastically drive up sales in your store or marketing campaign.

Experience Marketing

Traditional avenues of marketing tend to focus heavily on visual and auditory stimulation however, true influence only occurs when the prospect associates a positive experience with the product. By taking your typical marketing visuals and bringing it into the third dimension, perhaps integrating it with a physical object, an illusion of wonder manifests.

In turn, a prospect has the opportunity to engage with a product on a much more profound level. The distortion between ‘what is real’ and what is not captivates the attention of anyone passing by. Several brands like Kellogg’s and Coca Cola saw significant increase in sales when they implemented holographic marketing within their campaigns.



Video Credit: Tridifect

Catching the Hype

Apart from creating a brand new appeal to the product you are marketing, holographic content is something that draws in crowds. Due to the captivating nature of this means of communication, people engage with the content, in many cases watching it loop several times over. As more people stop to look at ‘what’s going on’, it naturally triggers the curious nature of the on looking consumer to ‘find out’ what all the fuss is about.

Places with heavy foot traffic like airports or convention centers acquire amazing benefits from this ‘secondary feature’. The ‘buzz factor’ establishes an open line of communication between the prospect and the sales rep, thereby increasing opportunity for more sales.

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Novelty Buying

Finally, many brands that have used these digital wonders have noticed that customers who experience a holographic presentation tend to be more impulsive when making their purchasing decisions. The reason behind this is due to the positive experience mentioned earlier. This experience, often an experience of wonder or astonishment, releases a blast of endorphins, which increases attentiveness and generally makes the person feel ‘happier’, even if only on a micro level.

Within this pseudo-blissful state, the prospect is much more receptive to the idea of ‘taking the experience with them’. Similar to going to a museum or public attraction and purchasing a shirt that you’ll never wear, so does the Dreamoc induce a state of ‘novelty buying’ where your product is the object of desire.


The Future of Holographic Marketing

If there is one consistent trend within the industry of technology, it is the integration of technology into our everyday lives. Companies like Microsoft are working on augmented reality where graphics interact with our surroundings. Similarly, holographic content marketing integrates into our dimension bringing your marketing message into a completely new realm of realism.


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