Having a Game Plan for your Digital Signage CMS

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There is no doubt that the strategic implementation of Digital Signage has shown to reap massive benefits for brands wanting to increase sales, exposure or simply cultivate brand loyalty. It is becoming more prevalent seeing elaborate digital displays appear in public spaces such as airports, malls and even trade shows.

However, finding the right Digital Signage CMS for your brand can be a lot trickier than anticipated and it is important to have a solid game plan before making any decisions.

Digital Signage is an ever-evolving industry and depending on the needs of your end-users, will determine what you will need to deliver jaw-dropping results.

Understanding the Questions

In order to develop a solid game plan it is vital that you analyze your problem from multiple angles. In order to decipher the solution there are a few questions you should consider when choosing your digital signage CMS.

  1. Understanding Capabilities – What is it you want to achieve? Consider things like whether it will be placed on a wall, will it support advertisement, RSS feeds etc. Scrutinize this area in order to fully understand ‘what will be needed’ to execute your vision.
  2. Consider Resolution – There are plenty of options these days in terms of resolution including Full HD, 4k Resolution etc.
  3. Simplicity – You also need to consider how easy the software will be for the end-user to use. Will there be a learning curve or do the end-user need to obtain someone to help them use the software.
  4. Price Tag – What will be the end-price? Are there any fees associated? Memberships?
  5. Support – If something goes wrong, who will be there to help? Does it include technical support?
  6. Compatibility – How compatible will it be in terms of media players, displays etc.
  7. Look for Cheaper Alternatives – In many cases, there are cheaper solutions available. Before jumping on the first solution you find, make sure you go the extra distance in trying to obtain an alternative that can significantly reduce your costs.


Digital Signage solutions come in all shapes, sizes, and needs to be catered to suit your vision. To go into a convention or a tradeshow without a solid game plan can be quite frustrating since there are so many solutions to so many problems. You also might wind up spending on things you don’t actually need and thus understanding the needs of your end-user, you can start developing a strategy to satisfy all their needs.

Solid Game Plan Delivers Solid Results

The process of effectively implementing digital signage within your marketing campaigns starts from the end-user to the solution and not the other way around. By starting at the desired effect and working backwards, you create the necessary steps to ensure that your campaign delivers on the expected results.

Many brands have seen massive increase in sales by implementing high quality affordable digital signage solutions. Having the right CMS and associated hardware is key to taking your campaigns to the next level.