Winning hearts and attention with Dreamoc Fusion


 A very special way of how a children's hospital used Dreamoc Fusion to memorialize and explain the life saving work performed to save the life of a little girl.   

Doctors of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, part of the Miami Children's Health System, found themselves unable to help a four-year-old girl, whose aorta had wound itself around the girl’s heart endangering her life, until one of them came up with the brilliant idea of 3D printing the heart and carrying it around with him - finally finding a solution while fiddling with the model heart.

The girl is named Mia, she is alive and well today, and the hospital chose to boast their incredible achievement and unorthodox problem solving by using our holographic displays to convey the story of Mia’s trouble and Doctor Burke’s exploits.

Because the way to saving Mia’s life was by printing a three-dimensional model of her heart, it seemed only fitting that another piece of technology making use of 3D was used to tell the story. The hospital mounted three Dreamoc POP3 displays side by side and used the Fusion feature to seamlessly explain a story moving through all three displays.

Fusion ensures that the holographic content in each display is connected and flows from one display to the next as a big whole rather than three individually divided screens. This makes it more impressive to the audience, and it ensures that anyone passing by will be enticed to note the displays. And seeing the story unfold flawlessly will only keep them attracted.

The three-dimensional content is a big player when angling for attention of an audience, and the connectedness of three displays sharing content and one single story only enhances this effect.
Within the displays was shown both Mia and the team of doctors working on solving her condition as well as the model of the heart. Conveyed with beautifully coloured wavy lines and figures imitating the measured lines of a heartbeat,our partner PM Screen managed to tell the story of the problem and the solution in a way that makes people stop and want to see the rest.

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