DeepFrame is the new standard in mixed reality displays, enabling the viewer to experience breath-taking digital visualizations as a virtual layer on top of the real word – in any size and distance you want.

DeepFrame is the largest display of its kind to convincingly mix physical reality with lifelike digital 3D animations, completely without the use of glasses, providing the viewers with jaw-dropping visual effects that realistically interact with the environment seen through the lens.


The new breakthrough patent-pending display technology was recently unveiled to a small audience in a surprise demonstration at the national aquarium in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Here the new display showed a realistic 3D rocket launch taking place about two kilometres out on the water. A video crew captured the reaction from the spectators stunned by the realistic and unexpected lift-off taking place in front of their eyes, highlighting DeepFrame’s future potential.



The breakthrough technology behind DeepFrame enables large-scale 3D visuals looking like holograms in 4K resolution seen through what looks like a window-frame. Unlike other mixed-reality solutions currently under development by other companies, DeepFrame does not require spectators to wear any glasses or other eyewear to view the true-to-life animations. This makes it possible to create visuals that are integrated directly in to everyday social situations, where several people can share the same experience as a social event.

Quote-symbolSince 2008, we have been working on mixed-reality solutions that makes it possible for several viewers to share the same visual 3D experience embedded in the real physical world without the use of glasses. With DeepFrame, we have finally solved this challenge making it possible to erase the line between fiction and reality. Now you could potentially be seeing a lifelike 3D version of King Kong climbing the building across from your office window,”

Peter Simonsen,
Co-founder and R&D Director, Realfiction.



The DeepFrame series of large mixed-reality screens offer many applications that apply to a broad range of industries. For example, the displays are expected to be used in theme parks, retail spaces, exhibitions, construction projects and in the foreseeable future also consumer products.


“We are very excited to announce DeepFrame and expect to offer it commercially for companies that want to create extraordinary viewing experiences from August on. This technology enables companies in nearly any industry to present new content and real-life experiences to their audiences, and in the very near future, we also expect it to become a popular technology in consumer products,”

Says Clas Dyrholm, CEO and Co-Founder of Realfiction.



If you're interested in knowing more about the experiences that can be created withDeepFrame, get in contact with us to discuss the creative possibilities for your project.

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