Taking advantage of new tech


The annual CES trade show in Las Vegas is always a big attraction for anyone wanting to know the latest trends and new possibilities in tech and gadgets. Every year large brands and audiences assemble in the Nevada desert for a few days of enjoying impressive technological development.

Communicating technology
At CES you will not only see the newest tech on display by various creative brands, you will also experience these various technological developments conveyed in innovative ways using other pieces of fresh tech such as the holographic display.

Speaker brand Altec Lansing chose for the third time Realfiction partner PM Screen, to create the visual setup for their booth use the Dreamoc HD3 and POP3 to show off their brand-new innovations at the annual tech fair in Las Vegas. And as the highly appraised brand has previously experienced, bringing the holograms into the noisy and crowded setting of the CES was a big hit.

Altec Lancing CES2017HD3.jpg













Cutting through distractions
Director of marketing with Altec Lansing, Leah Steinhardt, explains, that it is always challenging to attract a crowd in an environment, where everything buzzes or glitters trying to attract the attention of the audience, but the holographic displays just work their magic every time the speaker brand uses them.

“Holographic displays animated by PM Screen expands the limits of the possible for product presentation and continues the tradition of Altec Lansing being a groundbreaker in its field.“  says Steinhardt about the CES, and continues that the holographic swirls surrounding the actual products on display, makes all the difference.

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Producing the right thing
Our partner PM Screen has created the holographic content for Altec Lansing’s five displays of new speakers and headphones and Darius Cincys, who is the Managing Director of PM Screen US, says the biggest challenge at CES is to have a booth that will be noticed and remembered.

“Altec Lansing is a company driving the history of innovation and this is what we had to represent at CES 2017!” He emphasises holograms’ ability to draw attention to various features of the products and creating something unique. Cincys says in conclusion of the whole experience that “Virtual reality creates an unforgettable wow effect!”

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