Realfiction wows at InfoComm 2015

Realfiction’s Dreamoc steals the show with innovative 3D holographic displays


InfoComm 2015 was a spectacular event, taking place over three days on 17–19 June in Orlando, Florida. As the largest event for professional AV in the world, over 980 exhibitors were featured with 38,000+ attendees from more than 110 countries.



As an opportunity to view some of the most incredible new technology in the industry, Realfiction relished the opportunity to showcase their Dreamoc.

The Dreamoc blends 3D holographic displays with physical components to create a magical and truly interactive customer experience.

The Dreamoc in action

The events show floor pavilions highlighted the very best in digital signage, and the Realfiction team were delighted to be a part of the show for the three days. They especially noted how enthusiastic each and every visitor was, and how the team were continually congratulated and celebrated for the innovation of the Dreamoc.

Realfiction’s head of business development, Mark Hjortkilde, noted how clearly “Dreamocs engage, involve and entertain the customers,” when he saw visitors absorbed in the Dreamoc’s displays. With nothing but big smiles all round, the Realfiction team had every reason to feel proud.

“I was wowed by this reaction from our visitors. InfoComm presents the coolest technology out there. But still, we were told we made the best – over and over. At some point maybe we were even the talk of the fair.”

A new standard in digital signage

By transforming an advertisement into an interactive experience, Realfiction’s Dreamoc paves the way for digital signage to extend beyond the realms of ordinary communication into something extraordinary.

The Dreamoc is easily customisable for any product, and allows brands to forgo more traditional advertising mediums in order to stand out from the competition. Powered by a fun and playful approach to technology, the Dreamoc manages to blur the lines between the consumer and the product, captivating audiences and creating a ‘one of a kind’ digital experience.

Its striking 3D holographic displays and beautiful designs mean that each new presentation is fresh, inventive and exciting.

Future success for Realfiction thanks to InfoComm

Realfiction was one of the busiest booths at InfoComm this year, and the team managed to create a truly magical meeting between clients, collaboration partners and the Realfiction team. After such enormous success, it’s clear that the team’s message that the “Dreamoc is the coolest way to advertise” is being heard loud and clear.