Realfiction is Ready to Build the World’s Largest 3D Holographic Displays


Big, bigger, enormous.

Realfiction is now ramping up to build the world's largest 3D holographic displays. A complete 360 degree solution that can span a massive 11 x 11 meters – large enough to encapsulate an entire car or anything else in that size scale. 
“For a long time now we have been receiving requests from brands and clients that wish to create holographic visualisations on a truly massive scale. We are of course thrilled that we can finally accommodate this need that exists in the market, and provide a profoundly unique solution for those projects where size really matters,” said Peter Simonsen, co-founder and R&D Director at Realfiction. 
World’s Largest 3D Holographic Display.png
These super-sized 3D holographic displays are set to be built utilising the new generation of high-resolution LED screens that are surfacing in the AV industry. The highly improved sharpness in image quality of these new screens is what allows us to finally build holographic displays in the largest of scale, making it possible to create incredible holographic effects in near 4K resolution.
But the technology is only the tool. As nature dictates, we are as humans automatically drawn to new modes of displaying visual content that plays with our perception of what is real - and what may be. A hologram triggers just that by creating an immersive experience in front of your eyes, thus adding a new layer of value in the communication.    
“Imagine that you can create a complete layer of augmented reality on top of a real car, city scale model or something else that is very large…the intricate and detailed ways that this allows you to communicate and tell stories is just endless,” Simonsen adds. 
If you have an interesting project and would like to know more about what Realfiction can do for your brand, get in touch with us today. 
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