How Interactivity Increases Reach

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Earlier this year, video media network Captivate announced their plan to rebrand their elevator and lobby screen digital signage networks, the end goal being to increase engagement and captivate hard-to-reach business professionals while increasing value for their advertising partners.

The use of dynamic onscreen features results in a more engaging user experience while catering to the needs of the end-user, with new features and functions such as: time and temperature display, dynamic backgrounds that change according to the weather outside, financial information, sports, news, popular destinations and, of course, targeted advertisement.

The move by Captivate forms part of a growing trend in providing interactive digital signage solutions. No longer are static images or even video enough to captivate the gaze of prospects, but rather brands are seeing that “empowerment” and “hands-on engagement” delivers far better results.

The Power of Involvement

Captivate’s main objectives were to drastically increase value and expand engagement opportunities within their target audience.

Some of the innovations include:

  • Modernized designs focused on creating gripping presentations that will be implementing all the possible real estate available
  • Increased content offerings with ample choice for participating brands with over one hundred content providers
  • Mobile Campaign expansions

By providing additional ‘real-world’ value within all presentations, the probability of user engagement increases significantly. People are more likely to create a positive association with the advertiser due to the fact that they are being offered additional valuable information within the presentation.

With more than 12 million unique monthly views throughout their entire network, these innovations aim to empower and involve the end-user with the presented brands.

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The Importance of Positive Association

From a marketing perspective, this strategy will create a positive association between advertisers and end-users due to the increased level of interactivity and value. When a prospect feels like the brand ‘gave them something extra’, they create a psychological debt for the end-user.

In turn, when it comes to the decision making process for a purchase, the prospect will favor the brand that provides the greatest value to their lives. In the case of these ‘hard-to-reach’ high-end business consumers, one of their most important commodities is ‘time’.

By providing essential information such as time, weather, news, finance information and more, they force prospects to pay attention to the information at hand. Any advertisement that is being presented during this time is seen positively and will have a greater influence in the decision making stage of the buyer’s journey.

Couple this with the element of interactivity, where the user can actually command what happens on screen, and a sense of ‘ownership’ is instilled into the consumer’s subconscious.

Increasing Your Reach with the Dreamoc

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