DELL cuts through ‘Trade Fair noise’ with Realfiction

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DELL dominates at FRS 2015 with Realfiction’s 3D holographic display

DELL asked its advertising agency, AdPeople, to create a unique stand experience for visitors to its annual internal EMEA sales event, the Field Readiness Seminar (FRS) 2015 in Copenhagen.

AdPeople responded by creating a show-stopping display area for DELL, incorporating four of Realfiction’s Dreamocs with vivid holographic displays.


Using Holographic Imaging to Capture Visitors’ Imaginations

DELL’s FRS events are internal sales events, which internally promote DELL products and messaging. The EMEA events are attended by around 3,000 representatives, including top-level executives.

The DELL client solutions team wanted a stand-out experience that would cut through the usual trade fair noise to capture visitors’ attention.  DELL wanted to create a positive sense of engagement and tell a story that would leave attendees enthused with a desire to go on and actively promote and sell its products.

Using Realfiction’s innovative 3D holographic imaging technology, DELL’s agency, AdPeople, created a compelling story about a DELL client solutions hero who takes on fierce competitors and demonstrates DELL’s superiority in the market.


An Attention-Grabbing Installation

The stand area was anchored by a Realfiction Dreamoc 360 XXL in its centre. This large glass pyramid housed a stunning 3D holographic display that told the story of the DELL client solution hero’s progress through Europe.

The engaging story of the DELL hero was supported by three further holographic displays which branched out from the central holographic pyramid.  For these, AdPeople used three of Realfiction’s Dreamoc HD3 holographic displays, a 3-sided holographic display case with the same ‘plug and play’ simplicity as the larger Dreamoc 360 XXL.

The four holographic elements created a show-stopping visual effect and generated the buzz around the stand the DELL team were seeking. The stand attracted a great number of people and earned positive feedback and approval from the senior executives in attendance.


Moving from ‘Buzz’ to Communicate Key Brand Messaging

The 3D Holographic display proved a great tool for getting FRS visitors to the stand but its overriding benefit was the simple and concise way the displays could communicate valuable client solutions information and messaging to visitors in an engaging and truly memorable way.

The three smaller pyramids offered supporting stories and information about how DELL out-performs its competition in three key areas of differentiation: Manageability, Security and Reliability.

The DELL team found the displays a uniquely effective way to communicate this key messaging.  Attendees walked away from the fair with the clear client solutions messages at the top of their mind, ready to sell.

AdPeople are already in talks with DELL about creating further engaging stand displays using Realfiction’s Dreamoc 3D holographic technology to attract and engage attendees at other FRS events across Europe.