Complex storytelling made easy at the 2017 Euroshop

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For fifty years now, the German trade show Euroshop has been the place to go if you wanted to be up to date and get to know everything about the current development and news of POS and shop fittings, and this year saw several holographic animations on display.

More than 113,000 visitors came by the roughly 2300 exhibitors’ booths at this year’s Euroshop, and set a record for number of visitors while the brands were eager to share every new solution and idea for the vast retail industry.

Some of the news at the event came from Danfoss who were there advertising their Smart Store solution beautifully showcasing the concept in a Dreamoc XL3 display. The idea of Danfoss Smart Store is to install an energy control system in supermarkets and other food retailers to keep the usually vast energy consumption by refrigerators, freezers, lights and utilities for this type of store at a bare minimum. While combating climate change by reducing energy consumption of retailers, it also saves stores a lot of money, and if the store in question manages to even have a surplus of energy it will be available for purchase by others, which again will save more energy.


Perhaps it seems difficult to explain an idea such as the Smart Store, but our Swedish partner Primitiv helped Danfoss create the wonderful display that was fitted with a 3D printed model of a housing buildings, a couple of windmills, and a Smart Store while an animation conveying the message of SmartStore and energy saving rolled into one story. In this video, Peter Nyrell, managing director at Primitiv, explains the process of working with Danfoss on creating the animation for the display.

Regional marketing manager of the Food Retail Segment in Danfoss, Henry Steffensen, was beyond satisfied with the display solution.

We were looking for a display that could explain the concept and value of our Smart Energy Solution and at the same time create attention and excitement,’ says Steffensen and continuesWe found the holographic display to meet these criteria and are looking forward to further exploring how this technology can help us convey the Danfoss Value Proposition – right from the individual functionality of a product to the benefits of a complete system.’

Another brand making good use of holographic content at Euroshop was Logitech who were there to present their new wireless home security camera and its app for phones. Logitech had placed two POP3 displays side by side and placed the camera in one display and a phone with the app open in the other. By synching the displays using Dreamoc Fusion, Logitech were able to show their audience how the camera and the app are connected by letting animations flow from the camera display to the display holding the phone and showing the footage.


The Euroshop certainly manifested its importance as a primary source of inspiration and information when it comes to POS as well as retail advertising, and we are proud to see the Dreamocs presenting such varied content for brands declaring an intent to stay ahead when it comes to advertising.