Polytech China Wind Power Event



Polytech is a global partner to wind industry, delivering innovative solutions that protect and improve wind turbines. Their challenge was to effectively communicate the intricacies of their complex product offerings. Back in 2018, they embarked on a journey with Realfiction to tackle this challenge head-on.

China Wind Power: The Perfect Stage

Fast forward to 2023, Polytech entrusted Realfiction with their content services for the prestigious China Wind Power event with around 100,000 attendees. Polytech wanted to give the audience a unique experience where their highly technical solutions are explained in a captivate and engaging way.


Dreamoc: Bringing Engineering to Life

Polytech's collaboration with Realfiction resulted in a stunning display of mixed reality, featuring Dreamoc technology. The Dreamoc XL5 was strategically placed in its booth, delivering Polytech’s engineering concept in a visually engaging manner. Attendees found themselves immersed in a world where complex engineering became tangible, comprehensible, and unforgettable.


3D Content Creation: The Magic Behind Mixed Reality

The heart of the success lay in the 3D content creation by Realfiction. Every detail, every intricacy of Polytech’s product was brought to life through this content. Mixed reality bridged the gap between abstract concepts and concrete understanding, leaving the audience in awe.


Polytech’s return to Realfiction showcases the power of mixed reality to breathe life into complex engineering concepts. With the collaboration between cutting-edge technology and creative content services, their message resonated deeply with their audience at China Wind Power. This case study is a testament to the potential of mixed reality in making the complex not just comprehensible but captivating.


“We have been extremely satisfied with Realfiction’s expertise both when it comes to visual implementation and their deep understating of our highly technical solutions. This understanding truly contributed to having created a visually impressive display that explains our solutions in a very engaging way”, adds Team Lead, Brand & Communications Anna Vass.

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