PolyTech is a cutting-edge company that operates within the global industry for renewable energy. As a market leader within their field, they develop integrated solutions for some of the world’s largest corporations within wind energy. As with many companies, they often struggle with explaining the delicate and complex product offering.

By renting the Dreamoc Diamond as the eye-catcher for their trade fair space, PolyTech was able to easily overcome that initial barrier and present their newest solution at the WindEnergy fair in Hamburg with massive success.


"…when we saw this solution, it was definitely the right way for us to showcase
our technical products in a nice looking way"

Kenneth IversenBusiness Development Manager at PolyTech


Dreamoc Diamond Holographic display for Events and Expos


The solution
PolyTech chose the Dreamoc Diamond to act as the highlight on their trade fair space, and strategically placed it in a central position for all to see. Inside the display, the vivid hologram beautifully told the story of their unique product offering, visually highlighting the important USP’s, features and details in a few minutes – something that would normally take a salesperson much longer to verbally explain to new leads at the fair.

By using the Diamond display, PolyTech was able to successfully bypass the initial explaining phase, thereby approaching leads that already understood the values of their complex product offering. Furthermore, they gained significant interest and awareness at the fair, constituting their position as market-leaders within their field.


Dreamoc Diamond Holographic display that grabs attention


"It adds value in a premium way, and I think it’s an excellent solution
for showcasing these very technical things."

-  Kenneth IversenBusiness Development Manager at PolyTech


Rent the Dreamoc Diamond Holographic display for Events and Expos