TAG Heuer


Across the globe with holograms, watches and sports cars

Multiple megabrands went on the road visiting 15 big cities across the globe to celebrate an anniversary and convey an important message of our world, making good use of mixed reality on the way.

Swiss watch makers TAG Heuer celebrated their 150th anniversary in a most spectacular way, when they teamed up with car brand Tesla and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio and traversed the world taking their exclusive products of watches and electric sports cars on the road, to celebrate and tell a valuable story of our planet’s vulnerable environmental state.

Along with presentations from Elon Musk and Leonardo DiCaprio, the manufacturer of exclusive Swiss watches had a special edition watch made for the occasion and during the tour presented the beautiful timepiece with the mixed reality of a Dreamoc display.


Creating visual effects
Inside the Dreamoc one of the gorgeous watches was laid on a pedestal illustrating the curve of a wrist, and flowing around the watch was vivid three-dimensional video showing the creation of the watch with all the minute details of gears and cogs inside. TAG Heuer chose to tell the story of their special celebratory watch by not just flashing the watch itself, but giving their audience a chance to see what laborious work lies beneath the two hands on a dial.

Having an impact
The combination of an actual watch and the gracious holographic video made a big impact on the audience in the various cities. The effect of combining physical objects with holographic video is that it gets difficult for the human brain to determine what is real and not, which triggers curiosity that in turn makes an audience move closer, often feeling the desire to stretch out a hand to help discerning what is an illusion and what is in fact the real thing. This is a strong reaction and assures that the experience lingers in the audience.

Making it last
TAG Heuer took advantage of having a platform with a large audience. Each of the visits in the 15 cities all over the world was a spectacular show of acrobats swirling and swinging in front of stunning visuals on a silver screen, as well as presentations from the brands. Jean-Christophe Babin of TAG Heuer explained how the company has taken big steps towards a more environmentally friendly production line, and Elon Musk spoke of the Tesla running on electricity, whilst the famous actor DiCaprio stressed the importance of acting immediately to create a better world. All the events were beautifully tied together in a glamourous show, and via mixed reality telling the story of this very intricate and exclusive everyday item that is a TAG Heuer watch.