Emotional impact amongst a target audience

Shimano Europe asked Dutch ad agency ‘Mr. Fox Creative Agency’ to develop a multi-year strategy and concept to increase consumer awareness around maintenance. From road racing, mountain biking to urban commuters, every bike needs to be looked after properly. Bike maintenance is essential to keep riding in a safe, smooth, and fast manner. But it’s often overlooked. The campaign ‘Caring for your bike’ was launched at Europe’s biggest bike fair - Eurobike 2021.



The holographic display concept shows three interconnected scenarios:

  1. Cyclists at home
  2. Cyclists on the trail
  3. Cyclists in stores

When combined, the content creates an engaging story for consumers, explaining how they should take care of their bikes, what parts they should buy, and how the knowledge and expertise of certified mechanics can help.


The solution 
With people’s attention-span shorter than ever, Shimano needed to have a clear ‘wow-factor’ around the concept. Three Dreamoc HD3.2 displays, each representing one of the three scenarios, was placed side-by-side, and synched with the built-in Fusion feature to allow an elegantly composed storyline to flow across all three displays as if they were one. With creative finesse and superior visual quality, Mr. Fox truly understood how to make the most of the technology’s strength and features.

 Realfiction’s 3D holographic displays proved to be an
ideal solution for creating emotional impact

- Jaap van Oirschot, Strategic Director at Mr. Fox



The creative process
Strategic Director from Mr. Fox, Jaap van Oirschot, explains: “For us as an agency, it was a very interesting journey to see how the technical possibilities and creativity in mixed reality came together. We created an ideal blend of physical elements, with the models on the base of each display, which were then complemented by 3D animated video which fits perfectly in the setting of each model. First, a home setting showing a pre-ride bike check, then the outdoor trails setting showing a rider on the bike in motion, and finally a bike shop showing the expertise of a certified mechanic. In line with our ‘Mr. Fox approach’, It’s crucial we create emotional impact amongst our target audience. This will make it more likely our content actually sticks. Realfiction’s 3D holographic displays proved to be an ideal solution for creating emotional impact.”

Allard van Heusden, Managing Partner at Found retail services added to this: "As the pandemic subsides, customers will likely return to physical stores with notably higher expectations of an in-store experience. Technology is key in accelerating a retail revival. Holographic display, augmented reality and virtual reality technologies can play an important role in delivering an immersive and beneficial customer experience".


The results 
The innovative 3D holographic displays proved to be a highlight, offering groundbreaking ways to engage with customers. A European roll-out of this campaign with additional digital tools, content and marketing assets is scheduled, and content will be scaled across different touch points, from retail, e-tail to social channels.

With increasing consumer expectations,
this engaging concept allows us to deliver
new content and solutions for a retail environment
that blends online and offline

- Herman ten Kate, Shimano Europe


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