Santa Maria


Santa Maria definitely knows a thing or two about spicing up people's lives. The Nordic brand of seasoning is synonymous all across Europe when it comes to stacking up spices for the kitchen cupboard, the weekly taco night or trying our other exotic cuisines at home.
To promote their well-known range of spices on glass, the company ran a dedicated in-store marketing campaign using a Magic-as-a-Service retail setup in Bilka hypermarkets and upscale Kvickly supermarkets in Denmark.


" Despite the fact that Santa Maria is already a market leaders within their category, we managed to increase their sales with +13% by using the holograms in the campaign, which is quite amazing"
Søren Steen Pedersen, COO at Realfiction

3D hologram for point-of-sale and brand activations
The 3D animation inside the holographic display showcased the story and introduction of the new glass container and lid design, which helps to eliminate the age-old problem of locating the right types of spices tucked away in your cupboards and kitchen drawers. A physical glass container was placed inside the hologram display, and the 3D animations showed the different types of spices hovering above the container.

The Magic-as-a-Service campaign proved to be great brand activation in the stores for Santa Maria, yielding not only brand awareness but also a significant sales uplift.

3D holographic display for in store marketing and brand activation


In-store marketing in a retail store using a 3D hologram