Samsung S4


Unveiling the Massive Impact of the Samsung S4 Holographic Campaign in Belgium

Samsung Galaxy s4 – Case Study that proves success in using 3D Holographic Displays for Retail Product Launches – See Realfiction’s Dreamoc put to the test.

Smartphone retailing is a cutthroat industry where the brand with the freshest concept usually takes that proverbial cake. When Samsung’s Belgium division was promoting the release of the Galaxy S4 in 2013, they needed to make a lasting impression. While traditional means of marketing were still being used, they needed something that would set them apartfrom their competition.

To this end Samsung acquired 12 Dreamoc 360 systems from Realfiction to give the launch of their product a holographic twist that demanded the attention of any passerby. With 360-degree view and compelling holographic content, they achieved their initial goal and surpassed all expectations.


Point of Sale Mastery

Retailers are always searching for more compelling methods of attracting new prospects and converting them to leads. With the Dreamoc 360, you combine the physical product with holographic imaging which brings a fantastical new dimension to the smart device itself.

It can be a challenge to create promotional content that has the ability to not only reveal the functionality of these smart phones, but also encourage prospects to commit to purchasing the device. The Dreamoc 360 allowed Samsung to achieve the retailing results they were looking for by creating a 3D representation of the features of the device in a new and unique way that consumers have never experienced before.

The Fusion of Real and Fiction

There is a reason why the company that develops the Dreamoc is known as Realfiction. Holographic content marketing merges the physical product with digital content within a 3D space. This means that the Samsung Galaxy S4 was placed in the center of the Dreamoc 360 while all the animation interacted with the smart phone, blurring the lines of what is holographic and what is real.

The holographic content, which was placed on a loop with the option to enable user interaction through their smart devices, revealed all the necessary detail that was required to help increase sales at their various locations. The dynamic holographic elements and smooth integration with the physical product not only told the S4 story in a completely new manner, it drastically had an impact on the sales at each point it was displayed.

Mobility and Simplicity

The Dreamoc 360 is a marvel in itself. Realfiction created these devices to be incredibly simple for their partners to use with mobility weaved into the framework of the concept. Since many brands use these devices at tradeshows or at points of sale, it was absolutely essential to ensure it was mobile requiring little or no expertise to execute the display.

Samsung installed these display cases at various stores but took superb advantage of the Dreamoc’s  mobility by taking one of the cases on a road trip – really showcasing just how truly mobile this new and innovative form of marketing really is.

The Dreamoc was driven to a number of spots across Belgium, performing with optimal results when plugged directly into their promotional truck, allowing them to take Holographic Marketing to the market itself…no matter where it is!  This brings an entire new level of flexibility to what you can achieve with these devices if you have the right creative team on board.

Making your Dreams become Reality

While Realfiction specializes in the development of the physical display cases, they do not create the digital content that goes into it. Digidyn-Miysis are partnered with Realfiction and cater specifically to the creation of the digital content used to promote your products.

With over seven years of experience and intimate knowledge of how the Dreamoc works, they can take any product and bring it to a completely new level of engagement for the consumer, positively influencing sales wherever displayed.

Telling the story with Pizazz

For retailers, it is necessary to tell a story about their product that is attractive and glamorous. The Dreamoc achieves this with simplicity, allowing the product to sell itself. As seen with Samsung, portability is not an issue and the set-up of these displays are as digitally simple as ‘Plug and Play’.  

As Samsung discovered, this type of holographic marketing is astoundingly effective….it just works!

For more information about where you can get a Dreamoc 360 for your product simply visit Realfiction and in terms of creating digital content, dont hesitate to contact Digidyn-Miysis