During the recent Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix, legendary car manufacturer Renault hosted an exclusive brand event. As a premium centerpiece at the venue, the brand chose to use the Dreamoc Diamond and XL3 holographic displays to create a unique visual experience that promoted the brand’s different car models and sparked engagement.

A hologram rental story

By renting a full solution for their event, Renault harnessed the magic of 3D holographic displays in an easy and hassle-free way, successfully creating a brand activation that people will remember. The mixed reality experience elevated the atmosphere at the sold-out event, by attracting a lot of attention.


The solution

As the event space was fairly large, Renault was able to rent multiple holograms for their event, using both the Dreamoc Diamond and Dreamoc XL3 displays. The smaller XL3 display was fitted with an interactive touch screen, which allowed the audience to select different car models on the fly and seeing them projected as vivid interactive holograms inside the display.




The holographic displays and 3D content was supplied and developed by our partner 360 South.


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