Enhancing Fognigma's Trade shows with Holographic Displays


Fognigma, a pioneer in secure, invisible, and adaptable networks, sought to redefine its presence at industry expos in 2023. With a vision to stand out and showcase their cutting-edge network software solutions, Fognigma collaborated with Realfiction to leverage their services.


Fognigma's patented software allows organizations to establish secure networks, offering end-to-end encrypted collaboration tools while ensuring complete privacy and flexibility. Their solutions cater to enterprises requiring secure communication and collaboration capabilities for mission-critical tasks.

The Challenge

Fognigma aimed to revolutionize its presentation strategy at specialized defense expos. The objective was twofold: first, to differentiate their booth from the surrounding competitors and second, to vividly showcase their secure network software solutions to event attendees.

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Solution: Dreamoc Displays and Mesmerizing Content

Partnering with Realfiction, Fognigma integrated the incredible 360 degrees Dreamoc Diamond, and the Dreamoc XL5 displays across multiple defense industry expos. Both Dreamoc models provided a dynamic platform to visually represent their global cloud providers, showcasing the intricate product interfaces and the solutions they offer. The holographic displays not only drew attention but also engaged attendees with captivating visuals and interactive elements.

Kayla Shemanski, Fognigma's Marketing Manager, lauded the Dreamoc products for their stunning visuals, realistic audio effects, and interactive features. The displays revolutionized their approach to presenting product capabilities, leaving a lasting impression on event visitors.


"We had the opportunity to showcase two Dreamoc products at a recent trade show event. It was a huge success! Both the Dreamoc Diamond & XL5 provided stunning art visuals, realistic audio effects, and many interactive features that captivated everyone who visited our event booth. It truly innovated the way we present our product capabilities to customers."
Kayla Shemanski, Marketing Manager at Fognigma

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The collaboration between Fognigma and Realfiction exemplifies the power of innovation in marketing presentations. By leveraging Realfiction's holographic displays, Fognigma successfully captured the essence of their secure network solutions, effectively engaging and impressing event attendees. The integration of technology-driven storytelling proved instrumental in elevating Fognigma's booth and delivering a memorable experience.

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