Diamond Shines its Holographic Magic at Mining Expo

“Realfiction were a wonder to deal with, so attentive and informative.
They helped us with testing our builds and providing feedback.
We would gladly recommend them to anyone looking for holographic tech”

- Jo Walsh, Creative Strategist at Viewport


Dreamoc Diamond at MINExpo 2021

MINExpo is the world’s largest mining event that gathers in one place all the latest cutting-edge equipment, innovations, services, and technologies, bringing together the biggest names in the mining industry. This year the show was held in Las Vegas from 13th to 15th of September and covered exploration, mine development, open pit and underground mining, processing, safety, environmental improvement and much more!

A rental solution for a successful event
The immersive and interactive tech company Viewport has worked with the biggest names in the mining industry and are experts at creating a broad range of Extended Reality solutions, from training simulations through to hydraulically powered roller coaster rides. Through their disruptive technology solutions, Viewport reduce overheads, improve safety, and increase productivity and community engagement.

Dreamoc Diamond is our largest display, perfect for event and expos. This elegant 360-view holographic display can explain complex details and features in a highly visual way. Viewport saw the potential of the Diamond immediately, and they found it to be the perfect solution to “develop in large scale and be visible from a distance, without the need for specialized equipment to view” said Jo Walsh, Creative Strategist at Viewport.

Making the most of your content with Dreamoc Diamond
We always stress Content is King. Part of the success of an event will heavily depend on the quality of the animation played inside your Dreamoc unit. An advantage of using holographic platforms, is the possibility of explaining very complex features in a very visual and catching way. This feature is of course perfect for companies like Austin, for whom Viewport created amazing content to show the customization and configuration of mining tech and production equipment, like truck bodies and digging buckets.


Enhance the experience through interactivity
A TOP content will always stand out when complemented with interactive possibilities to engage with! Interactive solutions are a must-have when seeking to provide immersive experience to the public. This feature will not only invite to engage and learn more about your product but will also develop a special attachment to your brand!
For the 2 Diamonds placed at Las Vegas, Viewport gave users the opportunity to interact with the content via a Touchscreen, allowing them to run through the geo-specific customization and configuration journey of Austin products!

All in all, the rental of 2 Dreamoc Diamonds for MINExpo 2021 turned into a successful event and a happy customer!

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