Milka Caramel


How the Dreamoc made people Taste the Magic with Milka Caramel

A case study showing how Milka used 3D Holographic Display for POS & ROI – a rare case of clearly defined measurable Return on Investment for a marketing campaign at the Point of Sale.

Everybody in the world loves chocolate. In England alone, the average person consumes roughly 11 kilos of chocolate per year. All over the world the love of chocolate is a given, so from a marketing standpoint, do you make chocolate more appealing?

The people at Milka Caramel had a dream – to bring chocolate to life and in turn boost their in-store sales significantly. How did they achieve this? They implemented the innovative power of holographic marketing with Realfiction’s Dreamoc to take their message into a brand new dimension.

A Visual Anchor to your Taste Buds

Milka Caramel used the Dreamoc in stores to differentiate their products from their competitors. With hundreds of chocolate brands competing for consumer’s cash, it was crucial for them to create a very real schism between their brand and that of their competitors. The power of holographic marketing gave them the ability to do just that.

By placing the physical product within the Dreamoc itself and then animating the space around it, they successfully captured the gaze of onlookers and with their product strategically placed next to the display, they saw a significant boost in sales.

It’s not easy to ‘tell the story’ of chocolate with traditional marketing means. With the Dreamoc, the customers were able to see high definition graphics tell the story of how the chocolate is created. With graphics such as liquid caramel being poured into block shapes and then being covered by rich dark chocolate, people were both engaged and tempted into trying the product.

Experience marketing, is proven to be one of the most effective ways to influence the decision making process of the consumer. This is because you reinforce an emotional state of pleasure and curiosity within the target buyer, which nudges them into making a commitment to your product.

Milka Caramel saw this in action and were absolutely delighted with the results they got from implementing these new and innovative marketing tactics.

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How Holographic Content Captivates the Buyer

People are predominantly visual in nature. We have been conditioned over decades of exposure to advertising to stop and look at flashy presentations, especially if it is something new. The Dreamoc is the zenith of visual marketing as you remove the barrier of a ‘screen’ and bring the animation into the third dimension.

The first way in which holographic content marketing captivates, is through the visuals themselves. By placing the physical product in the center of the box, people make the connection between the ‘physical’ and that which is animated. This reinforces the marketing message in the deepest caverns of the mind of the consumer. Now they are not only watching the product, but witnessing something ‘magical’ taking place involving it.

The second way holographic content marketing captivates is through a secondary effect of the device – Hype Marketing. When people see other people look at something, their curiosity is triggered. People want to experience what others are experiencing, especially if it is a positive experience. Thus, when consumers begin to huddle around the display, the effects of the ‘buzz’ will begin to attract others in the surrounding areas. This effect works especially well within stores and other busy consumer areas such as malls, airports and even clubs.

How is the Animation Created?

If you have concerns about the creative aspect of your marketing message, rest assured Realfiction has it covered.  They have partnered with supreme content creators, who can literally create anything you can conceive of. When you decide to acquire a Dreamoc, you will be guided to the right content marketing company with the relevant holographic content generation skills and experience to meet your needs.

In essence, all you have to do is dream up the concept and the rest will be taken care of. The Dreamoc is a ‘plug and play’ device, which means that updating the content is as simple as connecting a flash drive to the device, loading the content and pressing play. The mobile nature of the Dreamoc also allows you to move the device to whichever location you desire.

The people at Milka Caramel found out first hand that the power of holographic content marketing is the future. They succeeded in taking something as tasty as chocolate and by partnering it with the Dreamoc made it even tastier.