Kraft McCafe


This Ingenious Display Case Delivers Award Winning Results!

How Kraft turned their Product  from Dreary to Dazzling

Kraft Foods won the ‘Best of Show Award’ at the Grocery Innovations Show of 2014 in Toronto due to an innovative presentation of their new product “McCafe”. With the help of Realfiction’s revolutionary display case – The Dreamoc, they succeeded in dazzling audiences and driving their message home with unparalleled glamour and style.

The launch of their new product required an out-of-the-box approach that would consolidate their premiere brand status and elevate them above any and all competitors. The Dreamoc allowed them to transform simple coffee beans into an exciting and interactive storytelling experience that resonated with all onlookers.

A Coffee Display so good you can Almost ‘Taste it’

Coffee is the second most popular drink after water globally and there are literally thousands of different brands competing for supremacy in this fast-paced industry. In order to differentiate a brand from the competition, it is vital to employ attention grabbing tactics that will amaze and astound onlookers instantly.

Everybody thinks they know coffee; however, Kraft’s Dreamoc presentation of their latest product took coffee know-how to an entirely new level of excitement. With stunning visual effects and innovative product integration, the display not only drew crowds, but kept them engaged with the presentation until the very end.

The genius of holographic story telling provided by the Dreamoc enables brands to bring life to their products with simplicity and style, which resulted in Kraft’s ‘Best of the Show’ accolade, proving a case study for using 3D Holographic Displays for Brand Launches.

Optimized Simplicity and Improved Engagement

While the technology that goes into the Dreamoc is simply astounding, the logistics and implementation of the presentation is quite simple. Realfiction’s Dreamoc is simply packed and easy to ship, free of any logistical complications. Kraft’s creative department produced all associated graphics within the display case giving them complete creative control over the concept.

By placing a real pile of coffee beans in the center of the display, the Dreamoc made it come alive with interactive graphics and imaginative storytelling. Passer by’s couldn’t help but swarm the display case, delighted by the ingenious show.

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The Dreamoc allows brands to take a static concept, in this case coffee beans and turn it into a highly engaging presentation that endures in the minds of the consumers and stimulates brand awareness. For Kraft, it was essential that their product was imprinted on the psyche of Canadian coffee consumers as according to Forbes, Canada is the second leading nation when it comes to coffee consumption in the world.

The Dreamoc enabled Kraft to position their new brand at the top of the retail ranks and they are still reaping the rewards of the effectiveness of the display. Currently the Dreamoc display has been moved to McDonald’s HQ as requested by the CEO due to the sheer elegance it provides.

Fail Safe Solution

Dreamoc technology is ingenious and complex. It maintains an impeccable record of accomplishment with outstanding performance of each display in terms of onsite execution. All cases go through rigorous quality control procedures to ensure that customer presentations run smoothly.
Realfiction delivers supremacy over competitors with their holographic display cases allowing your brand to engage the audience like never before.

No Creative Limits
The Dreamoc is the hardware that allows a brand to explore new realms of creativity in the presentation of their products. Uninspiring static objects are turned into highly engaging and deep impacting presentations that linger within the mind of the consumer.

All the graphics are handled by the brand itself giving the customer full control over the elements used to propel storytelling to the next level. Kraft used this platform to differentiate themselves from their competitors and were crowned victors of the show due to the innovative presentation showing that creativity is the only limiting factor in creating a truly transcendent product display.