Astonishing Holographic Advertisement Takes the Ice Watch to Amazing New Levels of Consumer Engagement

Astonishing Holographic Advertisement Takes the Ice Watch to Amazing New Levels of Consumer Engagement

So much, “Wow” it Blows Your Mind!

A case study showing how Ice Watch used Realfiction’s 3D Holographic Display for Luxury Goods Marketing – differentiating its story and elevating its Brand status.

When it comes to retailing, adding a ‘WOW’ factor to your product can significantly increase revenue streams. Millions of dollars are spent each year creating consumer-targeted advertising intended to engage audiences and captivate the attention of the market.

Yet the market has grown accustomed to traditional mediums of advertising and so creating that ‘wow’ factor is now harder than it ever has been.

Ice Watch, a Belgian company that specializes in creating unique and highly fashionable watches, were on a mission to bring this ‘wow factor’ to their campaigns in their very own stores. Partnering up with Digidyn and Miysis, companies that specialize in holographic content marketing, they succeeded in surpassing their objectives with the Dreamoc by Realfiction.

Reliable Remote Holographic Advertisement

The thought of holographic marketing might seem like an unattainable dream to some, however with the hardware that comes with a Dreamoc unit, the sky’s the limit. The Dreamoc is a portable holographic display that allows brands to feature their physical products inside the case and animate a holographic video around it.

The graphics are so amazing that it is virtually impossible to distinguish between what is real and what is ‘smoke and mirrors’. With this added element of three-dimensional advertisement, any product will instantly captivate the attention of customers with ease and elegance.

How Ice Watch Turned their Products into Digital Marvels

In order for Ice Watch to turn their products into digital marvels, it was essential to get the right hardware and the right creative minds on board. This is where Digidyn and Miysis came into play. As specialists in the content creation that partners the Dreamoc they understand the precision required needed to interact with the product,  with results that are absolutely mind blowing!

By merging the physical object with holographic content, the realms of fact and fiction are merged bringing the product to life. In the display at the Ice Watch flagship store in Paris, this meant that the watch was featured in the center of the display with the holographic projection right above it.

The video sequence revealed the inner most workings of the watch, providing observers with an exciting new perspective on the product. A passerby could physically see how the watch was constructed in intricate detail, its features and much more.

A Point of Sale Masterpiece

For retailers who aim to make an impact on their customers, the Dreamoc is undoubtedly one of the most unique and innovative ways to achieve this. Through stunning visuals and strategic positioning of these devices, retailers have reported a significant increase in sales.

Sheer Simplified Elegance

Its understandable to question how reliable and simple to use these holographic display cases are. In terms of reliability, Realfiction undertakes a rigorous process of quality control to ensure that the Dreamoc delivers spectacular results every time.

The display case is engineered in such a manner that no technical skills are required to operate it. It’s a simple ‘Plug and Play’ solution that will instantly deliver stunning results. With all the holographic content managed by experts such as Digidyn and Miysis, there is nothing else to worry about. To transport, you simply uninstall the display, pack it up and ship it to its next location.

Follow the Ice Watch Legacy

Ice Watch was so thrilled with the results achieved using the Dreamoc that they purchased 50 displays for their stores. They swiftly realised that positioning one of these in their stores would instantly elevate their on-site marketing to a completely new level.

It’s hard to achieve the ‘wow’ factor with traditional marketing tactics and even more difficult to keep consumers engaged. The Dreamoc surpasses all expectation when it comes to delivering results and stores that feature one of these digital marvels will reap the benefits of marketing that traverses into the third dimension.

For more information about the Dreamoc, visit the Realfiction website. As for finding a solid content provider of these devices, feel free to contact Digidyn for more information.

This the edge you have been looking for as a pseudo-digital marketing solution. It just works!

Ice Watch

Astonishing Holographic Advertisement Takes the Ice Watch to Amazing New Levels of Consumer Engagement

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