Ferrero Rocher


How Ferrero Rocher unleashed the Explosive Power of the Dreamoc to celebrate their 100 year anniversary

A case study showing how Ferrero Rocher used 3D Holographic Display for Luxury Goods Marketing – differentiating its story and elevating its Brand status.

In 2013, one of the most popular chocolate brands celebrated their 100-year anniversary – Ferrero Rocher. They wanted to bring their A-game when it came to showing the world just how amazing their product really is. To be honest, selling a Ferrero Rocher isn’t that difficult to do since it is one of the most desired chocolate products in the world.

Nonetheless, the people at Ferrero Rocher wanted to make a statement, showing how they have evolved over the years and how they continue to delighted the marketplace with their delicious treats.


Bringing more Magic to Chocolate!

Ferrero Rocher wanted to do something really extraordinary and with this in mind they purchased 40 holographic units from Realfiction. The device they used to propel their product into the minds of every onlooker was the Dreamoc Scandinavia 360, which is a four sided display case that gives people a 360-degree view of the product.

Using 3D Holographic Display for Luxury Goods Marketing was achieved by placing a single Ferrero Rocher in the center of the case, third party graphics developers brought the product to life with eye-catching 3D animations. The case was featured in the center of a Ferrero Rocher product placement stand with ready-to-go packages that consumers could purchase on the spot.

As customers walked by, they couldn’t help but stop and gaze at the wonder of the Ferrero Rocher display, in most cases taking a box with them.

The Chasm between Good and Brilliant

One of Ferrero Rocher’s main goals was to bring an exciting new brand experience to the average supermarket consumer. Their aim was to create a tangible difference between their product and competitors within a ‘real world scenario’. It has been proven that the Dreamoc works superbly within tradeshows and consumer electronic shows settings; however, the Ferrero Rocher campaign traversed existing lines and brought a thrilling new element to the typical shopping experience.

It was the sheer elegance of the display that compelled consumers to stop and gaze at the marvel that is the Dreamoc. It provided a fresh level of experience marketing to their campaign and this was positively reflected in their profits throughout the duration of the event.



Simplicity of Design

The quality of their product is paramount to the team at Realfiction. Their ultimate goal is to create an easily transportable, intuitive to use device that will dazzle crowds in an instant. For the Ferrero Rocher campaign, set up took no more than one hour to complete due to the plug and play nature of these cases.

While animations are handled by third party designers, the hardware that goes into the Dreamoc is quite revolutionary. It is a real challenge to spot what is the real product and what is augmented reality.

Before a Dreamoc is shipped, it must pass a rigorous battery of tests to ensure the device will perform at optimal levels – every time. Once all the elements are in place, it really is as simple as setting it up and plugging it in.

The Sky’s the Limit

One of the main successes of the Ferrero Rocher campaign was expanding the utility of the Dreamoc into new niches. The Ferrero Rocher campaign illustrated that luxury brand foods can reap the benefits of the Dreamoc and holographic marketing.

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No longer are innovative designs and technological marvels limited to smart devices or jewelry, but can now be employed in other markets and for other products with amazing results. In essence, the only real limiting factor is your creativity.

Holographic marketing heralds a new edge in consumer experience. It automatically engages people with what’s going on around the product and the vast majority of onlookers will watch the presentation a few times over.

Blurring the Lines

The Dreamoc Scandinavia allows brands to blur the lines between reality and fiction. It brings your product, complete with amazing dynamic elements into the third dimension. It creates a unique sense of loyalty to the product and transforms what were previously mere consumers, into promoters of the brand.

If you’re interested in transforming your product into the next hype topic be sure to ask about the variety of models we have available. The Dreamoc gives brands the power of turning dreams into reality, reaching deep into the heart of your consumers