Emirates Dubai Airport


Discover how Emirates Airlines Captivated Onlookers with this Genius Device!

Rising above the clutter and noise of every Tradeshow

When launching a new product at a tradeshow, it is critical grab the attention of onlookers instantly –  and keep them interested. Emirates Airline who displayed their model airport at the Dubai airshow in 2013 were able to do just that with the innovative and impressive Dreamoc Scandinavia 360 XXL, a holographic display case created by Realfiction.

Interactivity is key to taking your typical display and turning it into a unique consumer experience allowing your brand to resonate with its target audience. Through the genius of holographic storytelling this concept allows onlookers to fully submerge themselves with your brand, product or service in a way that truly captivates attention and increases engagement.


How the Dreamoc Scandinavia 360 XXL told the Story
This case study on how Emirate Airlines used Realfiction’s 3D Holographic Display for Event Marketing to stand out in the crowd at Dubai Airport. Realfiction’s Dreamoc Scandinavia 360 XXL is a modern marvel, allowing a 360-degree view from four sides meaning anyone within the vicinity of the display can participate with the presentation at hand. Emirates Airline created a model scene of Dubai Airport and added interactive touch screen capabilities to the display.

The user simply had to choose which area to highlight, which would then light up and a hologram then began to divulge the specifications of each selected area. As you can imagine with such an interactive display, Emirates Airlines obtained a slew of traffic to their display, dazzled onlookers absorbed the high quality holographic imaging, creating a unique experience that prospects could relate to in a profound manner.

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The 360-degree view ensured anyone surrounding the display would immediately observe the magic happening, drawing their gaze to the display and increasing overall engagement. The display acts not only as the platform for stellar storytelling marketing, but also as an amazingly interactive tool for generating hype around your subject.

Ease of Installation
Realfiction’s display cases have been rigorously tested and perform flawlessly. The Dreamoc Scandinavia 360 XXL was delivered to the partner and everything else, from concept and logistics, to customization and interactivity was controlled by Emirates Airlines themselves.

This allows the brand to create unique, brand specific content that completely fulfils their requirements. All Realfiction devices go through rigorous quality control procedures to ensure that each display case will perform without a hitch on exhibition day.

For ease of transportation from tradeshow to tradeshow, the Dreamoc is compact and easy to relocated. With the creative elements of the display resting completely in the hands of the participating brand, creativity becomes the only limiting factor in fabricating a truly unique user experience.

Dreamoc goes Beyond High Tech Products

Emirates Airlines’ ingenious way of presenting their product at the Dubai Airshow proved that the Dreamoc enables brands to go beyond what was ‘thought to be possible’ in terms of marketing static concepts.

Now, even a model airport can become as exciting as launching a new smart device as holograms blur the lines between reality and fiction. The interactive storytelling display case allows users to manipulate and tinker with the presentation, giving them a sense of ownership and increasing likeliness to convert.

Storytelling Marketing has proven to be a strategy that exceeds traditional marketing avenues such as video and infographics. By bringing your message into the third dimension, you create a deeper connection between the product and the user. With a higher level of engagement and a form of control, users quickly become fans of the concept and in turn become promoters of the brand itself, sharing their experience with their social and professional networks.

Where Creativity is the only Limit

Realfiction’s Dreamoc Scandinavia 360 XXL truly allows brands to explore new realms of interactive storytelling. There is absolutely no limit to what one can achieve with the right product and associated graphics.

The level of interactivity also plays a vital role in converting prospects to clients and as shown in the video below, Emirates Airlines managed this with absolute perfection.

The world is quickly moving towards interactive computing, blurring the lines between virtual and reality and with the Dreamoc Scandinavia 360 XXL, you have the power of holographic storytelling in the palm of your hand