Elite Marketing Tactic brings in Massive ROI

Elite Marketing Tactic brings in Massive ROI

The Company that takes ‘Experience Marketing’ to a brand new level!

See how Realfiction enables its Partners like ds.Xpress to win Brands as clients – A spotlight on 3D Holographic Technology for Creative Product Launches.

With the innovative technology of the Dreamoc by Realfiction, marketing has reached new levels of user engagement and the ability to establish brand authority within a crowded setting. While Realfiction is dedicated to continually innovating their product, it is their partners that help spread this technology over the world.

One of these partner companies, ds.Xpress GmbH has successfully taken the Dreamoc platform and radically transformed it into a highly engaging and interactive platform that will seep deep into the subconscious of your potential customers, establishing an intimate connection between the prospect and the product at hand.

How ‘playing games’ can increase sales

ds.Xpress GmbH headquarters, located close to Hamburg City has a small workforce of about eight people. These talented creative geniuses, with over three years experience of dealing with the holographic cases, took the 3D elements of the Dreamoc and transformed them into a unique consumer experience that drives sales like few other marketing techniques have ever managed.

While ds.Xpress GmbH concentrates solely on the Dreamoc devices, meaning they don’t market any other holographic device except the Dreamoc, they have also taken this focus and created content that pushes the Dreamoc a step further.

By integrating interactive gaming elements into the Dreamoc, people can now fully experience the power of holographic engagement in a fun and entertaining manner. With stunning graphics and original soundtracks (created by ds.Xpress GmbH themselves), consumers feel more connected with the product and enjoy themselves while interacting with the Dreamoc display.

How can gaming increase your sales you might ask?

Imagine you have a new product release. With ds.Xpress GmbH gaming, your customers could have the potential of winning a free sample or discount coupons by playing. Whether the consumer needs to reach a certain point in the game to activate said discount or maintain a high score is entirely up to the brand.

What makes the ds.Xpress GmbH solution so amazing is that your customers can either play solo or pair up with someone in multiplayer options. This means that not only are your customers interacting with the product itself, they are creating unique bonding experiences with friends and family members.

When you create a unique but familiar experience for your consumers, they automatically transfer the sensation to the product in question and in turn establish a deeper sense of loyalty.

How ds.Xpress GmbH turned up the heat on ASUS marketing

ASUS was marketing their new Zenbook UX301, which by itself is a marvel of a machine. With supreme exterior protection and a powerful 4th generation Core i7 Processor, one would think that this device would sell by itself.

However, the problem ASUS faced was that people couldn’t visualise how the computer performed in real life. This is where ds.Xpress GmbH came to the rescue, using3D Holographic Technology for Creative Product Launches.

By utilizing the holographic nature of the Dreamoc, they managed to virtually ‘bring out’ all the features and powers of this powerful Ultrabook. ds.Xpress GmbH created highly engaging content that told the story behind the product, bringing every little aspect of the computer to life. In turn, Asus experienced a definite distinction between competitor brands and saw an increase in demand for their devices.

By placing the Dreamoc at strategic points within stores and malls, they managed to attract foot traffic and create an elegant display, unmatched by any competing brands.

In addition, ds.Xpress GmbH played a pivotal role in the launch of the Asus Memo Pad, a 7-inch tablet. Despite being surrounded by other tablets, computers and electronic devices, the Memo Pad managed to pull the gaze of customers with its dynamic display and engaging graphics. There was a clear distinction between the Asus Memo Pad and the rest of the tablets on display, which instantly created the ‘wow’ factor. This only goes to show that when using the creative power of a team like ds.Xpress GmbH and the unmatched technology of the Dreamoc, you too can create a deep impact on your target audience, no matter the venue.

What ds.Xpress GmbH did for Venta?

Venta Luftwäscher is an air humidifier made in Germany and is one of the best on the market. The problem with the device is that marketing it to the masses can be difficult. It’s not very easy to make something so static seem exciting and worth your time. In order to solve this problem the ds.Xpress GmbH team created highly engaging holographic content for Venta and the Dreamocs were placed at a variety of high traffic malls and stores.

As a result, the elegant display and engaging content quickly increased inquiries about the product and more importantly created a huge distinction between this device and competitor brands. In total Venta purchased 22 Dreamocs for their marketing campaign based on evidence they saw that it generated a extremely positive return on investment.

ds.Xpress GmbH an integral solution to Holographic content marketing

ds.Xpress GmbH have decided to dedicate their efforts solely to the Dreamoc. In turn, they not only provide the best retail experience but also take care of your content creation team. By focusing solely on the Dreamoc, they have become experts in holographic content marketing and were the first to develop holographic gaming as an added element to your marketing efforts.

If you are looking for a complete solution to your holographic marketing needs, simply get in touch with ds.Xpress GmbH and make your dreams come true.

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Elite Marketing Tactic brings in Massive ROI

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