How this brand Simplified a complex product through Holographic Magic

Coyote proves how 3D Holographic Technology for Retail can really work to grab attention and tell a unique story around a consumer electronics product.

There are some products whose complex features make it difficult to highlight their utility and real world applications. For Coyote, a company that created a unique and powerful satellite-social GPS system, this was just the case.

Traditional mediums of marketing had limited functionality in terms of telling the complete story of how these devices could positively influence consumers. Through the power of Holographic Marketing, they managed to do more than just tell the story, they saw a 20% increase in sales because of it.


How do you explain GPS benefits?

The Coyote GPS device allows units to work together to give users the most accurate and current directions and information to optimize their driving experience. What separates this device from traditional GPS is the innovative technology that goes into it.

Yet how do you communicate something intangible that you can’t see on the device itself and cannot experience in store? The answer is the Dreamoc 360 by Realfiction.

Coyote used several Dreamoc devices on-location at various malls to solve this problem. With compelling holographic content and elegant display cases, they truly brought to life the concept of their devices. Consumers were able to see with their own eyes how these GPS systems would transform their driving experience through interactive holographic storytelling.

The Dreamoc in Action

The digital content was created by Digidyn-Miysis who specializes in holographic storytelling using the Realfiction Dreamoc. By placing the physical product in the center of the display, they created unique graphics that allowed users to actually see how this product will change their lives.

By placing the actual product in the display case, consumers identify the storytelling with the device itself. In this way, using 3D Holographic Technology for Retail forges a connection between customer and product creating a subconscious link to the device, motivating them to commit to a purchase.

In order to show consumers how it works, the Digidyn-Miysis team created a compelling visual representation of the GPS device in action, showing customers how the device actually worked, how it updated driving directions based on real events happening in the vicinity. This gave a real life purpose and context to this hitherto static object.

Where Traditional Marketing Failed

Traditional means of marketing had simply not worked for Coyote, a problem solved by using3D Holographic Technology for Retail. While they still managed to drive sales, there were some very real limitations with traditional mediums such as brochures and pamphlets. Consumers generally have a very small attention span and tend to rapidly lose interest in “wordy” content. For Coyote this meant that they weren’t able to showcase their product’s amazing features without losing a large number of prospects in the process.

The Dreamoc not only told the story, it attracted onlookers as people began huddling around the display. With the fusion between the physical product and the holographic imaging, people could really get a feel for the features without having to read or watch a traditional video.

The results were staggering and Coyote obtained a very real economic benefit from using this powerful new marketing technique.

Simplicity in a box

One might think that using holographic marketing might be complicated, however the Dreamoc is a simple ‘Plug and Play’ device that does all the work for you. Realfiction products undergo rigorous testing to make sure that the display works every time and requires no technical expertise.

Since the digital content is handled by Digidyn-Miysis, the consumer brand simply needs to find a strategic location for the display case and plug it in. The content automatically loads and effectively delivers a compelling message that attracts prospects and converts them to consumers.

So effective…it just works!

As mentioned, Coyote saw a 20% increase in sales by implementing this holographic marketing strategy and succeeded in reaching new consumers where traditional marketing failed. With accurate digital simplicity and high impact marketing, they reaped significant rewards by using the Dreamoc for their marketing campaign.

If you are interested in taking your marketing to a completely new dimension, you can find out more at the Realfiction website. It’s time to take your marketing efforts to the third-dimension; it’s time to get your hands on a Dreamoc right now