This Device Will Completely Transform the way you look at Bottle Caps Forever!

This Device Will Completely Transform  the way you look at Bottle Caps Forever!

Innovation that Breathes Life into the Lifeless

Some products have a natural ability to generate hype. For some products, like an Apple iPhone, the mere mention of a new release can create so much buzz that maintaining consumer excitement becomes the marketing division’s most difficult task.

On the other hand, there are certain products that seem so torpid that not even an endorsement from Lazarus himself could give it the marketing edge it needs to inspire awe and excitement in onlookers. This was the problem for Corvaglia Weltweit; a company that fabricates and distributes bottle caps to more than 20% of all PET soft drink bottles across the world.

Turning a Regular Cap into Something CAPtivating!

In 2013, Corvaglia wanted to “step up” their game at the Drink Tech exhibition located in Munich. Their challenge was to take the dreary topic of bottle caps and turn it into something that will shock and awe onlookers and investors alike.

Most other exhibitors approach the event with the usual flat-screens and infographics hoping to dazzle crowds, however, Corvaglia knew they had to implement a new innovative approach to truly position themselves ahead of their competitors. So they tried something new – a 3D Holographic Display for Event Marketing.

Within the cut-throat world of bottle cap production and distribution, competition can be stiff. Million dollar deals are made at these types of conventions and it is imperative for brands to captivate their prospects within a matter of moments.

Fortunately, for this bottle cap mogul, their solution came in the form of a box, a holographic box known as the Dreamoc HD2.

Bringing Life to the Dreary

The Dreamoc HD2 is one of the many display models created by Realfiction, a company dedicated to enabling brands to take their marketing campaigns to exhilarating new levels. By harnessing the power of holographics, any static object can now be transformed into a dynamic presentation by using the actual product within the box and animating the graphics around it.

The Dreamoc HD2 has the ability to traverse the realms of reality and fiction, creating depth and giving vitality to mundane items, in this case the lowly bottle cap.

Corvaglia needed to deliver an exciting and engaging presentation of basic statistics such as thickness, weight and how they are implementing ecologically responsible techniques within their production while maintaining focus on the product itself.

Once partnered with Realfiction’s stellar product, the Corvaglia team went to the drawing board and revolutionized the way you’ll look at bottle caps forever!

Popping the ‘Cap’ to Innovation

With the limitless creativity that the Dreamoc HD2 provides, the Corvaglia team transformed their product into a multi-dimensional, highly engaging presentation that not only shocked and awed their onlookers; it also highlighted their creativity and drove their engagement through the roof.

By placing their product in the center of the Dreamoc, Corvaglia used high definition graphics to tell a story that truly resonated with consumers and investors alike. People  in the vicinity of the display were drawn to it were astounded by the technological spectacle  they were witnessing.

Within the tradeshow environment, taking that extra step to get noticed is absolutely critical for  success. The Dreamoc HD2 allows you to tap into a new realm of creativity where your imagination is literally your only limit. Corvaglia brought their A-game in Munich and it paid off with higher user engagement and a staggering amount of buzz surrounding their typically lifeless product.

They succeeded in making people as excited about their product as they were. If the Dreamoc HD2 can generate so much buzz about a bottle-cap, imagine what this holographic technology will do for your product?

Unleashing a Dream

Realfiction’s Dreamoc is the platform that turns dreams into reality. The technology is seamless and precise, the effect is absolute. Consumers  are predominantly visual creatures and the Dreamoc truly creates the ultimate visual experience!

If a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a million, there aren’t enough words in the universe to describe the power of holographic. With Realfiction’s Dreamoc HD2, you have the power to turn your product into an experience that will be indelibly imprinted  on the minds of consumers and investors alike. With the Dreamoc HD2, you unleash the Power of Dreams!

Click below to view a video of the presentation.

Corvaglia Weltweit

This Device Will Completely Transform the way you look at Bottle Caps Forever!

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