Coca Cola


Coca-Cola makes it big with mixed reality

A campaign involving French design and a classic trademark bottle resulted in a lot of attention and increased sales for the classic beverage brand.

A brand as big and well-known as Coca-Cola has tried almost anything when it comes to advertising. They are used to making big campaigns that have a big impact and create big results. But like everyone else they also face a retail environment of fierce competition and many other brands who are doing their utmost to get ahead and take over the spot as the most popular fizzy drink in the world. This means that Coca-Cola must always spearhead the advertising of soft drinks to maintain their spot in the customers’ hearts and minds.


The designer bottle
In this special occasion the soda brand teamed up with French fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier for a Coca-Cola Light campaign using mixed reality to create rather astonishing results.

The fashion icon put his design to a few of the classic Coke bottles that were then placed inside a Dreamoc and surrounded by holographic content enhancing the experience of the unique bottles. Displays were placed in various stores throughout France and sales went through the roof when the audience could easily react to the advertising and grab some bottles before moving on.

Creating magic
Placing a physical and easily recognised item such as a Coke bottle inside a Dreamoc display and combining it with the swirls and colour of holographic video has an almost magic effect on an viewers. The vivid movements of the hologram catches the eyes of passers-by who are intrigued and most often stop to find out what is going on inside the display.  

Mixed reality is a great tool for intriguing and drawing in customers. A display combining a physical product with a hologram challenges the audience’s sense of perception and makes it difficult to spot right away what is real and not. The display activates the brain’s sense of space and sparks an instant reaction to look closer and understand what the eyes are in fact seeing.

The results
The enigmatic effect of physical items and airy holographic content makes people stop and look to understand what is going on. And a few people dwelling in front of something will intrigue more people to will react with curiosity and come closer.

This has a big impact that lasts a long time and leaves a remarkable and positive impression of the brand on the consumer. In the case of Coca-Cola sales in one store were doubled during a three day period, and the total sales for the whole of the 16 week campaign was increased by 36 %.

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