Swedish confectionary and snack company Cloetta ran a dedicated Magic-as-a-Service campaign in all Bilka hypermarkets in Denmark, to promote their Nutisal brand of premium nuts.




Being a market leader in their field, Cloetta manufactures a vast variety of different snack brands, targeted towards the Nordic market.

With Magic-as-a-Service, Cloetta was able to create a dedicated 2-week retail marketing campaigner Nutisal that made them completely stand out from competitors, successfully activating their brand and products in the stores, in a way that yielded a significant boost in both brand awareness and sales figures.


"Our hologram campaign has given us a boost in sales of 65% in number of units sold"
Lotte Kirkelund, Trade Marketing Manager, Cloetta

in store marketing with holographic displays


By following the steps of our streamlined process, the promotional campaign started out with the development of a creative storyboard, explaining what the 3D animation would revolve and look like in the stores. By analysing the product itself, the packaging and unique selling points, our 3D artists developed the creative outline of the campaign.

When the storyboard and creative elements were approved, the high-quality 3D animations were produced using post-production and compositing software.

Finally, the in-store campaign was installed in stores, using the pre-allocated space corresponding to the product category, securing Cloetta a prime location for their campaign with maximum exposure and traffic.


retail store marketing


The high-quality 3D animation that was used inside the holographic displays, was specifically developed to promote the new Nutisal flavor. Inside the display, customers could see a real package of Nutisal becoming enveloped by virtual nuts hovering above the physical package, visually communicating the products unique selling points of being dry roasted and having no added oils.

Instore retail campaign

Retail banner