Blackberry Storm


How Blackberry stole the limelight at BBDO in Moscow

See how a Blackberry Storm was brought to life using 3D Holographic Display for Event Marketing by grabbing the crowd’s attention and telling a story.

It’s no secret that Blackberry was comparatively sluggish in the fast paced world of smart devices and fell behind in terms of sales compared to companies such as Apple, Samsung and more. This was one of the motivating factors driving them to push their display at the BBDO event in Moscow in 2011 to not only captivate the attention of the onlookers, but also prove that Blackberry is far from dead.

With the help of Stardust, an American company dedicated to creating exhilarating graphics and Realfiction’s Dreamoc, Blackberry turned heads and dazzled audiences from all over. Their display created new expectations and became the focus of the show.


How the Dreamoc Brought the “Storm”
The device in question was the Blackberry MTS and with the help of Dreamoc, it came to life in ways that captivated audiences and kept them engaged. It’s not always easy to demonstrate the features of a smart device, especially due to their multi-functionality and real world applications.

The Dreamoc literally pulled the features out of the phone and displayed them with high definition graphics that circled the physical product. Each feature was beautifully presented and it was next to impossible to ignore the stunning nature of the product.

The Dreamoc allows brands to place their products within the display case and animate the surroundings thus blurring the lines between what is real and what is animation. This has an astounding effect on all those within the immediate area.

The People Behind the Animation
Helping bring the Blackberry MTS alive was director Alan Bibby and the production team at Stardust who succeeding creating stunning graphics that floated in space within the Dreamoc.

“Designing for this unique medium presented some interesting challenges, but as creative problem solvers, being able to make a dimensional visual sculpture rather than just a flat image was very enticing for us,” said Alan Bibby

For creative directors, the Dreamoc as a 3D Holographic Display for Event Marketing is a welcome challenge due to the fact that onlookers get up close and personal with the device, scrutinizing their work. Their biggest challenge was to create the illusion of depth due to the fact that they didn’t have screens to pull of the illusion. The animation has to sell the idea that these objects float in space and for the Stardust team, they knocked this one out of the park.

The Effect of the Dreamoc on the Masses

Human beings are primarily visual creatures. This is one of the main reasons why video marketing has gained so much popularity over recent years. The Dreamoc takes visuals to a completely new dimension.

It is nearly impossible to ignore moving animations floating in space and at the BBDO; this was proven to be true by Blackberry’s display. Visitors to the show flocked to the case, taking pictures and observing it from all angles.

As more and more people gathered, the commotion created a deep sense of curiosity in those nearby. Overall, the display generated a significant buzz, way ahead of the attention other brands that were present at the show received.

This is an added benefit of implementing holographic marketing – it is a sure fire way to generate immediate buzz around your product. It is also important to note that the Dreamoc that was used was the first of its kind and since then Realfiction has innovated their product delivering a series of Dreamoc’s for every occasion.

The success of the Blackberry display demonstrates that people are ready for new and innovative ways of marketing, marketing in the third dimension. Imagine how you can use the Dreamoc to turn your product into the next hype concept at your upcoming tradeshow.

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