Anthon Berg


The perfect match for travel retail

Renowned confectionary brand Anthon Berg is a firm favorite in the duty-free and travel retail industry. Being famous for its world-class line of chocolate treats, the brand is probably best known globally for its unique range of liquor-filled chocolate bottles. The chocolates are fused with an endless variety of well-known liquor brands, created to satisfy a broad range of palates generously. Using 3D holographic displays in various European airports, Anthon Berg created a unique in-store experience around their brand to promote their two new chocolate varieties.   




It’s about capturing the attention of our customers, and that’s exactly what this display does.
André Kampmann, Senior Brand Manager


Storytelling in a generous way
By using the hologram displays as part of their point-of-sale solution, Anthon Berg was able to tell the unique story behind each of the premium chocolate products in a new and very visual way. Especially the part of how to properly unwrap and eat the delightful little bottles of chocolate was communicated in a clear-cut method for customers to understand easily. 

The two individual 3D content productions highlighted both the Bailey’s collaboration and the Scotch whiskey collection, which comprised the distinctive flavors from five premium Scotch name brands. 


Holographic display for travel retail for Anthon Berg


“We want to be innovative, a first mover, offering the very best for our partners. … In tests, the sales were uplifted by +30%.”
Peter Dige, Travel Retail Director



Stop-effect that turns viewers into customers

The hologram displays were placed on top of a specially developed POS stand, constructed by Anthon Berg’s team of external designers. By placing the holograms on designated promotional placements in the tax-free stores, Anthon Berg was able to harness a lot of the additional customer traffic, and successfully stop people long enough to become engaged in the brand story being told via the display. As a result, more customers purchased the chocolates, and sales went up significantly. 


Anthon-berg-AmsterdamDreamoc HD3 with Anthon Berg Single Malt Whisky at Amsterdam Shiphol Airport 2019 



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