During the recent American Thoracic Society expo in Dallas, 4Dx, a medical technology company from Melbourne, Australia, went all in on designing their stand. With the help from creative agency Colour Andre, the company chose to rent the Dreamoc Diamond holographic display as a centerpiece to showcase their newest technology: The new and groundbreaking four-dimensional lung imaging technology. 



"This years stand achieved a 25% increase in booth attendees - with a significantly higher lead quality. Many of the attendees mentioned on arrival that they were told by colleagues that they had to come see the booth and hologram."

Andre AshOwner, Motion Graphics, 3D, Design & Art Direction


Dreamoc Diamond 3D holographic display at expo in USA


The hologram

4Dx chose to place the Dreamoc Diamond holographic display in a central position on their stand to act as a lure for passers-by. The rented display was fitted with a 3D printed model of lungs inside and the holographic content showcased how the new four-dimensional lung imaging technology worked in a very visual way.  
By renting a holographic display for their stand, 4Dx was able to draw people into their stand and easily start dialogue with attendees. Furthermore, they gained significantly higher interest and awareness at the expo, thereby successfully generating better leads. They even ended up winning the "best of show" award for their stand size. 


a rented 3D holographic display Dreamoc Diamond at expo



3D Hologram display for rental


"The stand this year has really increased the quality of leads.
The big companies are coming to visit us this year, instead of us reaching out to them."


hologram display for rent at an expo in USA


an expo stand with a hologram display for rent

 award for best in show at ATS expo 2019

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